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By Craig Hastings

“Everyone is innocent until proven guilty.”  (Unless your last name is Trump anyway)  I believe the alleged criminal evidence piling up on the Biden family has become insurmountable.  Before I say anything else, under these same circumstances I wouldn’t try to defend Donald Trump or Ronald Regan.  No, this has gone beyond Republican and Democrat.  I believe from what we’ve learned through many media outlets, not just FOX NEWS, what has taken place within the Biden family is indeed a matter of national security.  Not only is there incriminating evidence coming out implicating President Biden and some of his family members breaking the law, over many years, but I think we will learn much more about the role our own FBI, CIA, and NSA, among other federal agencies, interfering directly in the 2020 presidential election.  I don’t intend to implicate every employee of these federal agencies.  My own opinion is that we will learn that only a handful of employees at each agency had a hand in the false influential interference in the 2020 election.  The majority of these people I believe are American patriots just trying to do the job they enjoy.

In the last two weeks we’ve learned from one of those “50 ex top intelligence agency heads” that the letter they endorsed protecting Joe Biden from scandal surrounding his son Hunter before the 2020 election was a lie.  A lie to shield Joe Biden from attacks from Donald Trump during the few debates in which they engaged before the election.  And it worked!  It’s disgusting for sure but it worked.  Any poll you wish to study has concluded that as many as 14% or more of voters that cast their vote for Joe Biden in 2020 would not have done so if they had known the truth about the contents on son Hunter’s “laptop from hell”. In all fairness, that certainly doesn’t mean they would have voted for Donald Trump either.  With little doubt it probably turned the tide in the 2020 election.  We’ve also learned, without question, our own FBI had the computer and was well aware of the incriminating evidence implicating members of the Biden family of alleged crimes having to do with accepting millions of dollars from foreign countries.  The allegations are that Joe Biden used his political influence both as Vice President under Barack Obama and now as President of the United States to gain millions of dollars in profits for himself and his family.  His son Hunter allegedly was put in a position to have been used as a major conduit to filter any alleged monies back to several members of the Joe Biden family.  All alleged allegations.

I believe it won’t be too long before the National Democratic Party will be trying to find a way to dump Joe before this gets any worse.  House Republicans are steaming a train down the track that doesn’t appear can be stopped with all that has come to light recently.  And there appears to be much more on the way.  We’ve also been made aware of more of Hunter’s domestic civil problems this week.  It seems Hunter doesn’t believe he should be paying $20,000 a month in child support to his little girl he’s allegedly never met.  So after hiring some of the most expensive civil lawyers in the country, he has taken the mother of this child to court in Arkansas to argue before a judge that he doesn’t make enough money anymore to pay $20,000 a month in support.  So not only have we learned that Hunter hasn’t spent any time with his four year old daughter but, we’ve seen many news reports, without Biden family denial, that good ol’ grandpa Joe and grandma doctor Jill haven’t spent any time with their granddaughter either.  Joe has seven, not six grandchildren as he proclaimed recently live on the news.  There have been pictures taken in the White House at Christmas time released recently that clearly show six, not seven Christmas stockings hanging over a mantle.  All six have each of their grandchildren’s names on them but guess what, nope, not one for Hunter’s biological four year old daughter. I won’t apologize to anyone that this infuriates me!

Being the father of two children of my own I can’t even imagine what goes through a parent or grandparent’s mind that they would think this is okay.  I don’t care if the child does appear to have been an “accident” (if that’s even a thing grown adults can use as an excuse) how could any parent just ignore the fact they have a child and are ignoring that the child even exists?  Think about this please.  This four year old girl in Arkansas has a grandfather that is President of The United States and may not even realize it.  I hope she doesn’t know because how could she ever understand why she hasn’t been recognized as a human being by her own family?!  Especially so when her grandparents are the President and First Lady!!!  There are some ugly expletives I’d really like to use to describe these people but I won’t.  This has nothing to do with the politics of these people either.  It has everything to do with how disgusting their character is.  This family is worth tens of millions of dollars and no one in the family wants to step up and support this child like she’s entitled to by the law?

Enough of that rant.  Now I’m angry.  I’m going to give Joe some advice he surely doesn’t need from me but, here goes.  It’s time to cut some deals.  Not with foreign countries this time either.  The leaders in the Democratic Party that are really calling the shots need to be involved and I think they will.  Here’s how I’d try to save my own azz and stay out of jail and/or lose my fortune I may have accumulated illegally.  Vice President Kamala Harris will need to be involved also, and of course she will because she will get something out of the plan.  Joe needs to ask the Democratic leaders to allow him to enjoy another three or four months of pretending to be President.  When it’s time, run with being too ill to continue to be the president.  Of course don’t tell the truth and admit you’ve lost your mental capacity to do the job.  Maybe a bad heart stressed too much from being president or something similar.  That will automatically trigger Kamala into the presidency.  In the short time she will be president, she needs to agree to pardon the entire group of the implicated Biden family members from any alleged high crimes and misdemeanors.  And she will do it because the Democratic leaders will promise to support her own bid for the democratic nomination for president.  Of course they won’t!  She won’t know it but, as soon as Joe and family are in the clear, they will have already been secretly supporting candidate Robert F. Kennedy Jr. and he will win the democratic nomination with Joe out of the way.  Find a way out Joe.  This is going to get worse.

Here’s how I believe this 2024 election will probably shake out.  With as much trouble Donald Trump is having in the legal system with more indictments to come, it just could be Ron Desantis will be the Republican nominee for president.  Whether it’s Desantis or Trump may not matter.  I’m not so sure that J.F.K. Jr. can be beaten by republicans.  Democratic voters love the name history candidate and certainly the Kennedys have that.  If I was one of the Democratic leaders calling the shots in the party,  I’d dump Joe and Kamala regardless of any legal problems and back Kennedy.  I think he’s the only chance they have to win in 2024.  Grab a front row seat.  It’s going to be a great show!

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