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Villa Grove plans to have Community Center survey

During the Villa Grove city council meeting on March 13, Director Surowka stated that she would be surveying the council, citizens of Villa Grove and city employees about the best uses for the community center. She also said she was working on marketing the center and updating pricing for support opportunities for the center. There will be another campaign to generate support for the center and its services from businesses and the community in the near future.

The Council approved the minutes of the Feb. 27 regular city council meeting, the minutes of the Feb. 27 closed session, and the financial reports for Dec. 31, 2022, and Jan. 31, 2023. The council also approved the cash balance report for the month ending February 23, 2023, which showed a balance of $5,971,675 Also included in the consent agenda was a request for payments in the amount of $145,838 The motion passed unanimously.

Next, the department chairs made their reports. Administrator Jacki Athey said the engineering bid for the Front Street Bridge is in. She also said that the final audit numbers for 2022 were in, and that the city attorney met with the IML about an insurance claim for the damage done by the recent winds to the roof of the Zest For Life Center.

Chief Robert Rea noted that the new squad car was in service, and would have city markings put on it soon. He also noted that his officers had had “a couple of busy weeks” and therefore had earned some overtime hours.

Finally, Public Works director Mixell reported that the new addition to the public works building was back on track after inclement weather had slowed progress. He also noted that his staff is transitioning to outdoor functions as spring approaches.

He also noted that something needed to be done with the tree in front of the Zest For Life Center, as it was causing issues with the guttering and roof of the center, as well as causing problems for seniors entering and exiting the building because of constantly dropping sweet gum balls on the sidewalk. The council gave a consensus to have Mixell and his crew remove the tree and replace it with an ornamental variety or some other sort of decorative device.

The council approved the bid from Arrow Glass in the amount of $8,498 to replace the Zest For Life Center entry doors, making them ADA-compliant and including automatic door openers.

The council then approved ordinance 2023-MC04, amending Title XI, Chapter 111, Section 111.18 of the City of Villa Grove, Illinois Municipal Code regarding an increase of Liquor Licenses from 6 to 8, and the motion passed unanimously.

The council then voted on Ordinance 2023-MC05, an ordinance assigning street names and property address changes to Real Estate in the City of Villa Grove, Illinois, located on East Elm, East Walnut and Wilson Streets and the motion passed unanimously.

The Council approved of the fiscal year 2022 audit from West & Company.

The Council also approved the engineering agreement with Engineering Resource Associates for rehabilitation planning for the Front Street Bridge in the amount of $27,000.

The Council approved changing the names of Front Street to East Harrison street, East Walnut Street to East Vine street, and East Elm Street to East Wilson Street.

All members were present at the meeting other than aldermen Cheely and Garrett.

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