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Margaret Wilhelm Nixon

Margaret Wilhelm, formally of Tuscola, died in her home in Mesa, Ariz., Sunday, January 8, 2023, at 10 a.m. at the age of 89.

Margaret was born April 28, 1933, in Tuscola. Her parents were Forest and Thelma Priest. She graduated from Tuscola High School with the class of 1951.

She married Duane Wilhelm, of Sullivan, on December 15, 1951. Duane and Margaret had two children, Ron (born 3-13-52, in Tuscola) and Rhonda (born 4-20-60, in Champaign). Both kids survive their parents and live in Arizona.

Margaret had three grandchildren from Ron, Stephanie Chumbley of Mattoon, Shannon Behnken of Menlo, Iowa, and Amber Wilhelm of Fremont, Calif. She also had two great grandchildren, Izzabella and Trinity Behnken, of Menlo, Iowa.

After Durane’s death, in 1993, Margaret married Dan Nixon, of Hindsboro on May 10, 2003. In 2008, they moved to Mesa, Ariz. Mr. Nixon preceded Margaret in death.

Margaret was cremated in Mesa, Ariz., and her ashes are being brought back to Tuscola, where she will be burried with Duane at Cartright Cemetary. No services are scheduled.

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