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On the run – “Santa Chase” 5K race/walk

By Dominik Stallings

Santa made a quick getaway at the start of the “Santa Chase” 5K walk/run on Dec. 3. People gathered at the Tuscola Community Building bright and early at 8 a.m. to compete in the race.

Alpha and Omega PowerTraining hosted the event as part of the Christmastown celebrations in Tuscola.

Overall top-three finishers for the race were 1st place Will Foltz, (17:50.1) 2nd place Xander Neamtu, (18:06.0), 3rd place Dylan Howell, (18:51.4).

Female Open Winners

1st place Stef Groves (24:40.1)

Male Open Winners

1st place Will Foltz (17:50.1)

Female 14 and under

1st Isabella Dueker (27:29.1),

2nd Chloe Bowden (27:38.5),

3rd Sami Walker (30:09.1)

Male 14 and under

1st Nolan Bossert (22:20.9),

2nd Jaes Mentock (30:08.4),

Female 15 to 19

1st Emma Buesing (24:46.9),

2nd Scarlett Howard (24:47.1)

Male 15 to 19

1st Xander Neamtu (18:06.0)

2nd Dylan Howell (18:51.4)

3rd Kurt Zimmerman (19:42.3)

4th Chase White (22:46.9)

5th Boyd Brewer (23:17.4)

6th Carson Smith (2:25.7)

7th Taylor Fan (24:48.2)

Female 20 to 29

1st Caylen Moyer (26:21.6)

2nd Felicity Albin (32:04.3)

Male 20 to 29

1st Jacob Griffith (20:38.5)

2nd Noah Pierce (26:21.4)

3rd Menezes Jr. (28:34.1)

Female 30 to 39

1st Amber Vonlanken (26:11.5)

2nd Ashley Crowl (30:32.4)

3rd Brenna Elston (30:45.1)

4th Anna Chovanec (49:20.4)

Male 30 to 39

1st Derek Day (36:31.9)

Female 40 to 49

1st Heidi Gaddey (27:49.4)

2nd Sarah Simpson (28:28.0)

3rd Jamie Clark (28:28.0)

4rd Terra Waldrop (35:01.5)

5th Missy Shunk (36:48.9)

Male 40 to 49

1st Grant Steffens (23:43.0)

2nd Pete Bossert 924:17.4)

3rd Matthew Wingstrom (25:19.1)

4th Ryan Clark (29:46.0)

5th Jon Legg (30:34.3)

Male 60 and over

1st Jesus Grijalva (30:39.1)

2nd Ivan Fink (34:57.5)

5K Walk results

Female open winners

1st Marley Good  (49:04.9)

2nd Anna Rauguth (49:05.6)

3rd Keli Revell (49:19.5)

Male open winners

1st Riley Mitsdarffer (53:14.6)

Female 99 and under

1st Audra Cisna (50:07.2)

2nd Katy Titus (50:11.1)

3rd Dana Clark (50:12.8)

4th Elizabeth Mitsdarffer (53:14.0)

Santa decided to leave the reindeer at the northpole while participating the in the “Santa Chase” 5K walk/run event during Tuscola’s Christmastown activities Dec. 3. Photo by Dominik Stallings.

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