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Young Democracy: North Ward students gather 50 signatures for a day off school

By Dominik Stallings
Students at North Ward elementary school made big impressions with the Tuscola school administration after gathering 50 signatures for a petition to have no school on Wednesday, Nov. 23. Students gathered another 100 signatures for a pizza party and presented them to Principal Jason Wallace.

Wallace spoke to Superintendent Gary Alexander about the matter. Alexander signed off on the first petition and gave them their day off on the first day of Thanksgiving break, Nov. 23, which was already scheduled as a day off.

The second petition for a pizza party was denied, at least for now. Wallace said that the school could work with the fourth grade and give them a pizza party toward the end of the year. Unfortunately for the students, the administration can’t give students days off and pizza parties just any time they ask. 

Wallace said he was surprised when all of a sudden he was handed the signatures. A fourth grader managed to gather all the signatures from the other students.

“The kids did it all on their own,” said Wallace. “ The kids took the time to do it. This is great.”

Wallace said that the rest of the teachers and administration were impressed by the initiative of the student who spearheaded the petition. 

“I’m hoping we’ll take more from that and have more conversations,” said Wallace. 

Wallace said he hopes that in the future there could be a committee of students to discuss similar issues. Albeit, the discussions would lean more toward changes to the lunch menu, playground improvements or perhaps a school uniform. 

Wallace said, “We want to have to have those difficult discussions.” 

He said that otherwise, nothing would happen unless students keep coming forward with their ideas and thoughts.

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