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My Personal Side

By Craig Hastings
What in the world are the American people in for over the next twenty-four months!?  The Republicans have won back the House.  This won’t happen until January but already Kevin McCarthy, the probable new Speaker of The House, announced that Republicans in charge will immediately begin criminal investigations into suspected crimes by the Biden family including the current President, Joe Biden.  Days later Donald Trump announced he will seek a second term as President of The United States.  Current Speaker of The House, Nancy Pelosi, announced she will not seek any leadership roles in the Democratic caucus after she steps down as Speaker in January.  And last Thursday the Attorney General Merrick Garland announced he has appointed a special council to investigate Donald Trump’s involvement, if any, into the January 6th debacle carried out on the Capitol grounds in Washington DC along with a second investigation into Donald Trump’s removal of documents from the White House before he left office in 2020.

So, two presidential candidates in the 2024 election are currently being investigated for possible criminal activity.  What has become of the great United States of America?!  Both parties are attempting to knock the front runners of their respective parties out of the race before it’s even begun.  Better yet both parties leaders are contending its not political.  Really?  Maybe the best solution is for the leaders of both parties is to tell both of these guys their day has come and gone and both parties will be presenting the American people with new choices from both parties.  “But that wouldn’t be fair to President Biden or to former President Trump,” you say?  Okay I agree but at what point is it no longer fair to the American people?  Why should we have to spend another four years wasted with no new legislation progressing the nation forward?  When do the problems of the American people become first and foremost?   I don’t understand the billions of dollars being spent supporting illegal aliens crossing our southern border and billions more being spent on a war in Ukraine when nothing is being done to solve the homeless crisis right here in The United States.  Thousands of Americans are dying from fentanyl poisoning, fentanyl that’s coming in from China to South America and then into the United States across our southern border.  Medical costs have soared out of control in The United States and because of this Americans are dying needlessly.  When will we elect people into office that will finally put America’s interests first?  I’m not opposed to financially helping another country resist the efforts of a communist takeover but not at the expense of our own people.

Where does the war in Ukraine end?  I’m very suspicious of the missile that allegedly went astray and into Poland killing two people there.  Poland officials say they believe it was fired by the Ukrainian army.  Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskyy says no, it was a Russian missile and because it landed in a NATO member country the NATO member countries need to declare war on Russia!  What?  Is Zelenskyy nuts?!  World War III because a tractor on a farm was blown up and two farmers were killed the world needs to engage in World War III.  I already have some doubts about this guy and what he’s up to but after this single missile event, regardless of who fired it, if Zelenskyy contends the rest of the world should be automatically brought into his war with Russia he has absolutely lost his mind.  I think it’s time The United States gradually backs out of this mess in Ukraine before we get stuck with a trillion dollar expense to rebuild it after Russia pulls out all together.  Don’t believe for a second that this is exactly what will happen if Ukraine is left to rebuild what the Russians have destroyed.

The 2024 platform that both the Republicans and the Democrats run on should be one of unity.  Both should assure the American people that whichever party wins The White House that both parties are going to work together to right the wrongs that both parties are responsible for creating.  It’s time for new blood and for me I don’t care the ages of any of those people as long as they are committed to fight for you and me.  This insanity has to stop!!

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