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City council approves TIF fund allocation from schools

The council also approved the request for Tax Increment Financing (TIF) during their regular meeting Nov. 14 fund allocation from Villa Grove Schools.  Mayor Eversole-Gunter had noted at a previous meeting that the school had not requested funds for at least two years. The consent agenda was approved unanimously.

All aldermen were present, as was Mayor Cassandra Eversole Gunter, Administrator Jacki Athey, Clerk Michelle Osborne, Chief of Police Robert Rea and Public works director Randy  Lake.

The mayor called for a vote on approving the consent agenda, which included approving minutes from the prior month’s meetings, along with financial and cash balance reports and approval of Broeren Russo pay estimate #4 along with other claims for payment, totaling $1,187,460.56.

Next, the mayor called for the administrator’s report and administrator Athey reported that the gas line for the community center had come in at a significantly lower amount than expected and that she had signed the necessary paperwork for the installation to begin.  She also noted that there were some numbers still being worked out and that therefore there could be no vote on the ordinance approving the issuance of Bonds.  She then said that she would be making a report to the Planning and Zoning committee at their next scheduled meeting, in January.  Finally, she noted that the annexation ordinance must be passed by December.

Chief Rea then made his report, stating that he will be out for training on Nov. 20-22.  He also noted that he had met with school administrators regarding responses to threats.

Public works director Lake then noted that leaf pick-up has expanded greatly and that a second truck and crew could be needed in the future.

Alderman Johnson then stated that he was picking up trees for the Lighting festival sale on Friday and asked if employees would be available for assistance unloading. Lake responded affirmatively.

Eversole Gunter then moved to new business, which included:

Ordinance 2022-MC11, an Ordinance regarding the issuance of bonds.  As noted, some numbers have changed, and a motion was made by Alderman Garrett and seconded by Alderman Hooker to table this vote until a later meeting.

Tri City Country Club potential annexation-this was unanimously supported by the council.

Alderman Hooker then announced that the tentative tax levy amount for the city for 2022 was $350,617.

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