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My Personal Side

By Craig Hastings
Vladimir Putin is now threatening to use nuclear weapons in Ukraine.  Why?  Because he is losing a war he thought he could easily win.  Why is he losing?  Because the NATO countries are supplying all the weapons and resources the Ukrainians need to drive Russian forces out.  I believe President Putin fears that not only might the Ukranians drive him out of their country but may even chip away at mother Russia’s boundaries. I might feel the same way if I were in Putin’s position.  After all, look what the Ukrainians have done with just material support from NATO.  Could be Putin fears he’s on the ropes right now so what better time and what better excuse would the rest of the world have than to right now seize the moment and invade Russia in the name of Ukraine.  Look what’s happened in just the last week.

The Ukrainians have retaken much of the territory that the Russian army had occupied.  Russia has suffered the loss of many Russian troops and equipment.  Far more than President Putin ever expected I’m sure.  Of course he never expected the rest of the world would come to the aid of Ukraine like they have.  Troop shortages are so great that Putin has called up nearly a half a million “reserves” to fight in Ukraine.  Understand this however; in Russia it appears every male citizen is a reserve regardless if they had ever served in the military or not!    The male population has been fleeing Russia all week long.  Protests have broken out throughout Russia over this issue.  Because of this Russian citizens are becoming more vocal about their disapproval of the war altogether. There has even been talk that President Putin might be in harm’s way meaning an assasination attempt if he doesn’t get out of this war in Ukraine.

President Putin’s threat of nuclear retaliation against any country that might have thoughts of moving on Russian territory came just one day before President Biden was to speak at the United Nations General Assembly.  I think most of the world has feared Russia and thought up to recently that Russia was still either the second but surely the third most powerful country in the world.  This war in Ukraine has changed the thoughts of many or most of those world leaders.  Russia’s war efforts in Ukraine are a grand failure without question.  Their army is frail and weak.  Their soldiers have little interest in war anymore.  Their military leaders have erred at every turn in Ukraine.  The rest of the world is shocked I believe.  I certainly am.

Some world leaders have said recently they are fearful that Putin has lost his mind and just might launch some sort of nuclear attack in Ukraine just to show the rest of the world he isn’t messing around here.  That he is this desperate to regain the respect Russia had before they invaded Ukraine.  I don’t think so.  I think Putin loves himself too much to risk losing the life he’s living.  Being one of the world’s Big Three military leaders is grandeur he would never risk losing.  His ego is larger than the territory covered by snow in Russia.  No, unless some other country invades his own or takes a nuclear shot of their own at Russia, I don’t think he would dare launch nuclear weapons anywhere in the world.  Right now I’m wondering just how able Russia might even be to successfully launch any nuclear weapons.

Let’s be clear here.  The balance of the world would change forever should any country attack another with nuclear weapons.  I think even the United States would fall as a unified country if we launched nuclear weapons with the intended purpose to destroy another country.  The world would be changed forever.  The recovery from the devastation might take centuries due to the contamination of the ground and water resources.  We hear about how many nuclear weapons China has, Russia has, India has, we have, North Korea has but it doesn’t matter how many.  Just one localized, high populated area strike would be all it would take to start a nuclear world war. There is no need for hundreds of nuclear missiles.  One or two would be all it would take to change life on earth.  And I wonder; do any of you think earth just might see another forty days and nights of rain, a devastating meteor strike blocking out the sun, a new ice age evolving suddenly, or maybe even a deadly virus we can’t create a vaccine or treatments for?  I do.  Coincidence you say should one of these events happen? Now you wouldn’t really believe that would you?  Could be the human race may be seen by someone as out of control.

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