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My Personal Side

By Craig Hastings
I guess I missed a “Letter to The Editor” a few weeks ago that must have attacked my politics.  Apparently the submitter of the letter feels that for any opinion I have supporting conservitive values someone else should present an opposing position.  That’s fair. Or, if someone disagrees with my opinion I suggest they tune into CNN, MSNBC, ABC, CBS, or NBC to comfort their wounds and dry their tears for the awful things I may have said that upset them.  For sure anyone that may disagree with me will find an opposing opinion on any of these ratings failing media networks day in and day out. I don’t expect that everyone that reads my column would agree with everything I have to say about the world of politics.  As a matter of fact I’d be disappointed if they did.  What would be the point of me throwing a few words out there expressing my opinion if everyone of you just nodded your head and thought; “Yep, nailed it Craig. Now talk about something else.”  I guess the author of that letter feels I reach some statewide audience and that same audience might follow my opinion off a cliff if I asked them too.  I can assure him this isn’t the case.  

I started writing this column sixteen years ago.  I did so because I believed at the time the only people that might read my column were local people that either knew me, my family, or both.  It didn’t take long for me to discover that through the circulation of The Tri County Journal I would reach a much larger number of people that started to read my column every week that would, agree, disagree, or just enjoy the content for what it was.  Seldom has anyone written, called, or emailed me to be so critical of something that I expressed with my opinion. Having been told what the letter said, (haven’t seen it myself) it sounded more like a personal attack on me than my simple political opinions.  And that’s okay too.  I’ve been attacked by much harsher statements in my full time career than anything said in that letter.  Being a conservative I believe we should all be able to express our opinions just as our constitution states.  This gentleman, I assume a Democrat, evidently doesn’t believe I should say what I think unless each and every time I do, someone with an opposite view is at the ready to counter with their own opposing opinion.  Fine by me, give it a go.  I’ve got no ego to bruise or tears to shed over an opinion that disagrees with my own.  But this isn’t what happened.  Instead of countering with a specific opinion, the attack was instead on me.  Well that certainly didn’t work, I don’t care what you think about me but, I might care to debate your opinion about your politics.  I do thank you for faithfully reading my columns each week.  Please continue.  And thank you to two of my Tuscola Review softball team members, Jim and Mark, for coming to my defense and encouraging me to continue to carry on!

Here we go.  Do any of you remember when President Trump created a new branch of our military?  He added The Space Force to our military defense teams.  The Democrats had great fun with this one.  Some giggling like children on a playground criticized the President.  They jokingly spoke of alien attacks, Space craft with Trump in bold letters flying to the moon, and wasted federal funds that could be spent more wisely somewhere else.  I haven’t heard one word about The Space Force since Joe Biden and his group of fiddling hillbillies took office.  Could be ol’ Joe simply forgot he has a Space Force.  I guess outer space is something too far away to be concerned about or something too far from their intellect to understand.  So The Space Force has been ignored for two years.  Why does this matter?

Because it’s been recently reported, not that we shouldn’t have known already because the Trump team did, that both China and Russia are working together to be the first to establish a military base on the moon.  They are working in conjunction to as quickly as they can to get people back on the moon.  And this time it isn’t about collecting rock samples and studying the growth of plants in a no gravity environment.  No, this next visit may be more permanent in nature.  You and I certainly do not have the scientific minds to plan, establish, and operate a permanent base, a military base, on the moon but without a doubt it has to be possible.  The strategic value of this advantage has to be enormous.  First and foremost the secrecy in which a country could operate such a base is probably absolute.  Not that we wouldn’t know it’s there but monitoring what was going on in and around such a base might be impossible for decades to come.

I believe President Trump was getting some good advice from his military advisors and independent scientists which led him to his decision to create The Space Force.  I think they already knew what was going on between China and Russia and he and his White House staff wanted to get a jump start on how to counter the threat of a military operation in space.  I’m not on board with the whole alien attack theory.  The reason being is because I think if there is an alien race that desires to wipe us out they can do it now if they choose too.  Come on, if they can get here and get here undetected surely their firepower is far superior to our own.  I believe the majority of Americans do believe we are not alone in this universe and with little doubt have been visited for thousands of years by alien races.  Probably even today, which I believe, we are still being monitored to see if we are behaving.  Come on, be honest, do any of you believe that every plant, insect, animal, and human just happened to live on earth without the seeding of a far superior being from someplace other than here?  Yes I believe there is a God.  What I don’t know is how big a role did our God play in everything that is earth.  Has there been outside interference?  Maybe. There are far too many flaws with our earth to have been purposely placed here by someone whose sole intent was to create a perfect world in which humans would thrive and survive for millions of years.  No, I think there has been some foul play by someone or something that was never intended. 

(The views and opinions expressed in the submitted columns are those of the author and do not necessarily reflect the position of The Journal.)

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