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My Personal Side

By Craig Hastings
Here we go again.  In 2016 the Democrats battle cry was Russia!, Russia!, Russia!  After a three year and twenty-five million dollar investigation an Independent Council concluded; nothing here to see.  An Independant Council packed with nothing but eighteen die hard Democrats that hated Donald Trump no less. Nothing!  The Democrats were so confident that Hillary Clinton would beat Trump they went ahead and planned her election night victory celebration months before the election took place.  Donald Trump became the 45th POTUS.  The onslaught from the Democrats was relentless for the next four years but to no avail.  The Trump Administration moved the country forward through it all.  Had there been no such thing as Twitter and ninety-nine percent of the national news media covering up the Hunter Biden scandal, Trump would have easily won the 2020 presidential election too.  No question.

With the November midterm elections coming up in and with the handwriting on the wall predicting the Republicans taking the House, Democrats in Washington have become desperate.  What can they do to stop Donald Trump from running for president in 2024? They have chosen the same failed avenue as they did in 2016.  They have weaponized the DOJ and the FBI once again.  In a never before done in our history event, Attorney General, Merrick Garland, authorized a search warrant and FBI raid on President Trump’s Mar-a-Lago compound.  No less than thirty armed and armored up FBI agents stormed the Trump home at 6:30 a.m. and searched his home for twelve hours before leaving with a reported fifteen boxes of documents.  Never mind the fact that Trump is afforded a 24/7 CIA armed security staff at his home, the FBI agents were seen armed with AR15 style rifles and sidearms ready for what; a couple of housekeepers and gardeners to pelt them with cleaning supplies and garden tools?  No, this was all for theater for you and me to see to promote a visual in our minds that Trump must be a dangerous felon and just might have struck up a firefight with the FBI.  Really?  Trump was in New York.  Sure, Democrats in Washington DC still think you and I are idiots and we haven’t a clue what’s really going on here.  Democrats and some Republicans are so out of touch with middle America they really believe we’ll buy into this garbage.  We figured it out in 2016 and now in 2022 we’ve figured this fraud out too.  This raid on the Trump Compound is a ploy to block Trump from running for President in 2024.  Well, after this ridiculous debacle last week if Trump wasn’t going to before he sure as heck will be running now.  The Democrats have done nothing more than push Trump and the Republican base to be more determined than ever to retake the White House in 2024.  How?  Well I’m betting the AG and the FBI will stall the goodies they removed from the Trump home until the 2024 election draws nearer. Then they will hint to the American people they have some bomb shell they’re getting ready to drop that will lead to the arrest of Donald Trump.  The hope will be that Americans wouldn’t dare elect a candidate to office that just might be arrested shortly after being sworn in.  Could this be any more obvious than it is?  

Americans have lost trust in the DOJ and the FBI.  After they were caught trying to illegally influence the 2016 election the American people will more likely than not see this ruse for what it is.  My belief is the majority of Americans have already dismissed this latest circus act as a failure by the Democrats.  Over the next few months tidbits of “omg” leaks will come from the DOJ and FBI hinting that Donald Trump has violated some espionage law discovered from documents removed from his home last week.  Of course nothing will be presented for us to see, just hints and allegations for now.  In the meantime Nancy Pelosi will continue to successfully invest in the Stock Market more stratically than any one on earth and Hunter Biden will continue to be paid by the Chinese millions of dollars for sitting on some fictitious board of directors.  Turn away America, nothing to see here. 

All of this is going on and where does President Biden weigh in?  On vacation again without comment.  He claims he knows nothing of Garland’s warrant and raid.  Really?  Who believes that for one second?  If I was the President of The United States and my Attorney General didn’t tell me in advance about this plan; I’d fire him that same day. President Biden was in the news last week though.  Yep.  One day we watched him fail to manage to put his suit jacket on without Jill’s help.  He once again stuck his hand out to shake the hand of no one else.  And finally he signed legislation to hire 87,000 new IRS agents to make sure you and I pay our fair share of taxes or else.  Even though he swears that only those making over $400,000 a year will be targeted, the majority of experts in the field say this is absolutely not how this will happen.  Even some ex Obama people, experts in this field, are telling us this is not how this will play out.  I’m hoping that after the November elections the Republicans take back the House majority and refuse to fund the hiring of all of these IRS agents.  They can’t change the legislation but they do have the power of the purse and can refuse to fund this great experiment of how to break the bank of millions of American taxpayers. 

Looming in the shadows is a conflict with China.  And if President Xi Jinping is planning to strike Taiwan, now is the time because America is in chaos right now.  The Biden Administration is spending billions of dollars we don’t have on The Green New Deal and IRS agents at the same time his administration continues to spend billions and billions more on a war in Ukraine that can’t be won.  Now we’re learning that several billion dollars may have disappeared!  Imagine that!  In Ukraine?!  My god will the ignorance ever cease?  There is no money left to fight a war with China over Taiwan!  Oh but wait one minute!  Didn’t the stock market wizard Nancy Pelosi just announce to the world that The United States will not abandon Taiwan should China attack?  Yes she did even though she has no diplomatic authority to do anything of the kind.  In fact the United States military command and the President encouraged her not to make the trip.  But she did.  Now there is a full blown news media investigation about concerns over more stock trade advantages she may be involved in!  Something about computer chips that are in great demand and manufactured where?  Taiwan!  Well if so, I guess a few more million on top of the two hundred million she’s already worth will help keep her freezer full of $200 a pint ice cream flavors.  

Trump/DeSantis 2024 is the only chance, the only option, Americans have if the election was today.  I wasn’t sure I wanted Donald Trump to run again before last Wednesday but now…?  The Republican Party spoke loud and clear at the CPAC convention, they want Trump.  Personally, I believe Governor DeSantis would more easily defeat any Democrat candidate than even Donald Trump will.  But now it’s all about getting even, revenge, an eye for an eye.  I think Americans want blood from other Americans and I think they think Donald Trump is the only chance that this can happen.  Maybe they’re right.  It’s not what I want.  I just want the ship righted.  I want boys to be boys and girls to be girls.  I want boys competing against boys and girls competeing against girls.  I want all criminals regardless of color or nationality to go to jail for breaking the law.  I want the southern border closed to anyone who doesn’t use legitimate pathways to enter.  I want the homeless crisis fixed before we spend money anywhere else in the world to do anything else but feed and provide medical assistance to others around the world in need.  I want to choose whether I drive an electric car or a gas and oil car.  I’m not asking for anything new here.  This is the way it used to be. An all Americans for Americans club.  I’m afraid we are one event away from a revolution if this craziness doesn’t stop and stop now.  What are Democrats thinking when they choose to try to criminally charge an ex president over paper documents? What message does this send to the rest of the world?  Cities are being burned to the ground, homicides are up all across the country, crime itself is out of control in the inner cities, and our President wants to spend billions of dollars on IRS agents and electric car promotions!  God help us survive the next three months!

(The views and opinions expressed in the submitted columns are those of the author and do not necessarily reflect the position of The Journal.)

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  1. Anonymous on August 29, 2022 at 7:59 pm

    You are so full of Trump crap you have affected every brain cell in your head. Do you crazy republicans not realize the reality that most of the people lost from covid were republicans? the mass shooters were republican? the January 6th idiots were republicans? Do you think the Democrats are not going to vote? Your wrong your party has us so angry at the stupidity you all spew enough to make us want to vote to spite you. So, keep your chin up and watch and see.

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