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Fiscus placed on leave; Alexander interim principal at Tuscola High School

Steve Fiscus

By David Porter
Tuscola school Superintendent Gary Alexander confirmed Friday that Steve Fiscus, Tuscola High School principal, has been placed on administrative leave. No other information was made available.

In a letter to parents dated Aug. 14, Alexander said he would be the acting principal until further notice. 

“We will give your child the best opportunity to believe in themselves,” he wrote. “The partnership from school to home will be valuable, and we appreciate all of our stakeholders. It takes all of Tuscola to help our youth become great. Thank you for being so supportive of Tuscola CUSD 301. We look forward to a great year!”

He also said in the letter that “speculation has been running rampant throughout Tuscola since Friday” but reminded parents that “all personnel information is considered confidential via statute. This is why the open meetings act allows situations with personnel to be discussed in closed sessions. This allows the process to move forward in a benevolent manner.” 

Students were expected to start the school year Tuesday. Alexander noted that some of the construction projects in the buildings are ongoing. “We will be in the classrooms,” he said. “Teaching and learning will continue at a high level. Adjustments will need to be made in certain situations to adapt to the progress. However, we will adjust in a manner that does not affect our students.”

He also suggested that if parents have questions, they should “contact the appropriate teacher, building secretary or building administrator. … All situations can be resolved with communication directly with the person or persons that are involved. Social media has killed direct contact. In my opinion, direct contact is best when a situation arises with a child. It allows all information to be heard from both parties. Speculation is removed with face-to-face interaction.”

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  1. Anonymous on August 23, 2022 at 11:36 am

    This lack of transparency only leads to rampant speculation! Parents and taxpayers deserve the truth, sooner rather than later!

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