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By Craig Hastings
I’m the first to admit that I am certainly not an expert in the world of politics.  Someone needs to help me understand how Nancy Pelosi flying to Taiwan would give China cause to threaten retaliation on the United States should she do this.  Then the news story changed slightly a day or two later.  The second version reported that Pelosi could possibly visit Taiwan if she flew to Japan first then to Taiwan?  How does this change anything?  China’s President Xi Jinping had told President Biden earlier during a phone call that he considers a visit by any foreign adversary a threat to the territorial integrity to the China/Taiwan relationship.  Of course the rest of the world now understands that China intends to reunify Taiwan with China.  Dislike President Trump all you please but, the invasion of Ukraine and now this probable invasion of Taiwan would not have happened during a Trump Administration watch.

Someone educate me about this Pelosi trip.  Let’s take Pelosi out of this as a person and refer to this visit as one taken by The Speaker Of The House. As much hype and controversy that has lead up to this trip, why would The Speaker Of The House be the representative the United States would send to Asia to discuss anything?  Especially now with China making threats of military retaliation of some sort should anyone from the United States government visit Taiwan?  The Democrats are not even on the same page when making public statements.  One day Pelosi and her posse are making bold statements about how they are not going to be intimidated and the next day the President makes a statement that he doesn’t think our military leaders want her to go!  Now for god sakes wouldn’t you think that all of these people would be talking and planning before saying anything at all publicly?  This debacle is just one more reason to believe that our elected President is not calling the shots at The White House.

Why would our Federal government announce to the world that Nancy Pelosi was going on this trip to Taiwan in the first place?   Why didn’t she just get on a plane and go and make the announcement after she arrived?  However, I’ll say again, who in their right mind would send Nancy Pelosi to represent anything to anyone?  This woman is so obviously out of it, it seems to me that no one would take her seriously about anything she had to say.  The reality is, she doesn’t have any power or authority to negotiate with any world leaders about anything.  So what is really behind this staged trip?  Is there an ulterior motive that the public isn’t being told?  Would Nancy Pelosi really get on a plane and fly to Taiwan after the Chinese run news media has recommended her plane and fighter escorts be shot out of the sky?  I think not.  What would be the point?  I don’t understand why the Chinese government is so upset anyway.  Come on, we’re talking about Nancy Pelosi here.  Who cares where she might show up in the world?  The only people that should care are Americans.  She’s embarrassing!  Not quite as much so as our President or our Vice President but pretty damn close.  Maybe this is why she was chosen to go.  Maybe the Democrats have lost all faith in the President and Vice President so the third in line for the presidency, should the first two fall out, is the next best choice.  Can any of you believe this is the best lineup that The United States has to offer to lead our team? 

Seriously, I believe we are in trouble; the world is in trouble.  The second and third most powerful countries in the world are plotting to take over territory that they have no right to take.  Russia and China are on the move while America sits on its hands failing to act.  Wouldn’t it make more sense to stop these acts of aggression before they happen as opposed to trying to fix them after the fact?  We could have so easily stopped the invasion of Ukraine before it happened.  Well, we had already stopped it under the Trump Administration. It wasn’t until President Biden and his cackling VP took office that Russia decided to invade Ukraine.  Just look at all the billions and billions of dollars that war has cost and continues to cost the American taxpayers and for what gain?  None.  Russia has all but won that war today. Now we’re hearing rumors of many of those billions of dollars never being spent on any of the war efforts in Ukraine but instead have been distributed to wealthy Ukrainian bureaucrats who have fled or are fleeing Ukraine.  

The November elections can’t happen soon enough.  It’s time for America to invest in America and Americans.  We have a crisis on the southern border, a crisis with homelessness, and an economy on the verge of recession.  All of these things have taken place in less than two years under the Biden Presidency.  Sadly, there is no fix in the works because no one in Ol’ Joes Administration has the knowledge or ability to execute a plan even if there was a plan.  Each and every day now I worry for the future of my children and yours.  What kind of world are we headed for?

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