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2022 Moultrie-Douglas County Fair Queens


Kerkhoff and Fryman crowned 2022 Moultrie-Douglas County Fair Queens. The 2022 Miss and Little Miss Moultrie-Douglas County Fair Queen pageant was held on Tuesday, July 5 as 33 contestants vied for their respective titles before a packed house on hand despite the extremely warm temperatures. (Front row) Newly crowned 2022 Little Miss Whitley Fryman (Sullivan) and 2022 Miss Moultrie-Douglas Julia Kerkhoff (Tuscola) along with 2021 Little Miss Quinn Chapman. (Back row) Logan Streible (Atwood), 2nd Runner-Up; Claire Meyer (Tuscola) 3rd Runner-Up; 2021 Miss Moultrie-Douglas Karis Hortin;  2021 Jr. Miss Moultrie-Douglas Molly Appleby; and Reggan Smith (Tuscola) 1st Runner-Up.  Kerkhoff is the daughter of Harrell and Sharri Kerkhoff and she was sponsored by the Miss Tuscola Pageant. Fryman is the daughter of Andrew and Heather Fryman and her parents sponsored her. Not pictured was Meadow Picazo (Tuscola) named Miss Congeniality. Photo by Stephanie Wierman. 

Krutsinger captures 2022 Junior Miss Moultrie-Douglas crown. Pictured (front row) is 2022 Little Miss Moultrie-Douglas Whitley Fryman. (Back row) 2022 Miss Moultrie-Douglas Julia Kerkhoff, Emmalee Nall (Arthur) 1st Runner-Up, newly crowned 2022 Jr. Miss Moultrie-Douglas Kimberly Krutsinger (Arthur), Ava Whitson (Tuscola) 2nd Runner-Up, and 2021 Junior Miss Moultrie-Douglas Molly Appleby. Whitson was also named Junior Miss Congeniality. Krutsinger is the daughter of Mark and Anita Krutsinger and she was sponsored by the Arthur Flower Shop. Photo by Stephanie Wierman.

Fryman wins 2022 Little Miss Moultrie-Douglas Queen pageant. Pictured is Maelee Stirrett (Atwood) 1st Runner-Up, 2022 Little Miss Moultrie-Douglas Whitley Fryman (Sullivan), and Tatum Faust (Pesotum) 2nd Runner-Up. Photo by Stephanie Wierman.

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