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Villa Grove City Council discusses utility repairs

The Villa Grove City Council met on June 27 at 6:00 p.m. for their monthly Committee of the Whole meeting, with all aldermen, plus Mayor Eversole Gunter, Clerk Osborn, Police Chief Rea and Public Works Director Lake present.

After saying the pledge, Mayor Eversole Gunter asked for Public Comments, and Ed Carleton was present to discuss a recent county board meeting he had attended. He presented information regarding ARPA and CURE funds that the county has available for dispersal to townships and communities in Douglas County. He stated that he was alarmed that none of the funds were being dispersed to Villa Grove, while almost all other towns in the county had availed themselves of the funds. Mayor Eversole Gunter stated that she would collaborate with Administrator Athey upon her return to discuss availability and application for said funds for city projects.

Eversole Gunter then called for Department reports, with Chief Rea stating that he had nothing of note to report for the month. 

PW director Lake then made his report which included the following:

* Earl Walker Co. was scheduled to begin paving work on Thursday June 30.

* Technicians from the installation company had assured him that they would be in to repair the scrubber that they had recently installed. No word on when the city could expect the equipment to begin working properly.

* The lift station at the sewer is no longer working, and Gasvoda corporation was to bring loaner pumps.

Mayor Eversole Gunter then made a short report, stating that all vendors were on board for Friday’s Freedom Celebration. 

She then moved to new business, which included:

* Grading of West Ditch-Director Lake pointed out that it is holding water from West street to Douglas street, and will need dredged.

* Potential hazard pay for COVID hours in 2020.

* Attendance to IML Conference (September 15-17).

* Other items brought before the Council for discussion-Alderman Hooker commented that he thought Waste Management had done a good job with the city-wide cleanup effort.

Alderman Cheely then made a motion to move to Closed Session at 7:01 p.m. The council came out of closed session at 7:39 p.m. and finding no further business, adjourned at that time.

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