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Holding It All Together-Making Sense Of This World

By Amy McCollom
I believe I have good common sense; or just sense and wisdom as it is also called. Fire is hot, ice is cold. These are simple truths we learn that help us navigate and grow in this world. We learn our colors, numbers, manners, and language skills. We become unique, yet we still stay within the boundaries of civilization. Eventually we just know things without thinking about them; laws, rules, structure. We function and grow as a society of many kinds of people, but with standards and structures in common to keep us different from the animals, and to keep peace among us. Our common sense is what whispers to our conscience, it keeps us from doing things we know we shouldn’t. 

Well, last week I walked into a fast-food restaurant and stood at the counter, staring at the menu. Just as I decided what I wanted, a tall young man with a ponytail came from behind the kitchen area to take my order. I ordered my food, paid for it, and then was handed a receipt. I looked up and smiled, and politely said, “Thank you, sir.”

He stopped smiling and looked over at a girl who had walked up and was now standing beside him. She said to me, 

“They don’t like being called that. They go by they or them.” 

Well, this didn’t make sense to me at all, as clearly the person who took my order had facial hair, no breasts, and had an Adams apple. To me there was no guessing that this person was a man. So I asked,

“What is your name, Hon?”

“Morgan.” they replied.

“Well, thank you Morgan. And have a great day.”

I know, I know. It’s a thing now. People are taking a stand and identifying as whatever they want and demanding that we conform to their wishes and whims. Hate me if you want to, but I feel that I should not have to abandon common sense in order not to offend anyone. Sometimes common sense hurts. Fire is hot, ice is cold, and just because you say it isn’t doesn’t change the truth.

Always question things that do not make sense, because things should make sense. Our world should make sense. In every aspect of our lives, people strive to make things make sense. Science makes sense. Medicine makes sense. Parenting makes sense. Your job makes sense. And when life doesn’t make sense, we fix it. Our world has to make sense because one time this was a perfect world, and everything made sense. We as humans have messed it up, so we have to fix what doesn’t make sense.

Save the trees, save the whales, save the unborn children. We are getting there, we just have to keep working at it. Now there is a small minority of people who want to change the pronouns we have used for hundreds of years because they don’t like them. It doesn’t make sense to do that, and so I won’t be doing that.

Here is an idea that does make sense though: Wear a name tag. If you want to be called a certain name or title, just write it on a name tag, then we will know. Simple solution, problem solved for you. And the world can keep on turning the way it always has for billions of years without changing the whole vernacular of language just for you. Make sense? Sure it does.

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