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County sees low voter turnout in primary election

By Kendra Hennis 
Illinois primary elections were moved this year in an effort by state lawmakers to accommodate delayed 2020 census data. This year’s primary was held June 28, 2022 and brought out 29 percent of Douglas County voters. Of the 3,3382 voters–24 selected nonpartisan ballots, 365 democratic, and 2,993 republican. 

In local news, Ed Carleton unseated incumbent James L. Mikeworth for the County Board 6th District Member (Republican) with 57 percent of the vote. Write-in candidate Susan Haynes-Diener was voted to fill the seat left in the 5th District by Don Munson, who did not seek re-election. Thomas Hettinger, Philip W. Morris, Gary Luth, Richard E. Hein, and Mary E. (Bibby) Appleby ran unopposed and will return to their seats on the board.

Douglas County Clerk and Recorder Judi Pollock was voted to return to her position, as were County Treasurer Bobbi Reardon and Douglas County Sheriff Nathan Chaplin. 

Kyle Thompson was voted to return as the Regional Superintendent of Clark, Coles, Cumberland, Douglas, Edgar, Moultrie, and Shelby County schools. 

Committee members voted on were Martha K. Yeakel, Bourbon 2; Chuck Ellington, Camargo 1; Scott Harris, Garrett; Neal Wood, Newman; John F. Watson, Tuscola 1; Danny J. Cleland, Tuscola 4; Jerry Stout, Arcola; Rocky Warner, Garrett; and Russell E. Anderson, Tuscola 1. 

The community also voted no on a proposition from Arthur CUSD No. 305 to issue $30,600,000 in school building bonds.  

On the national side, favorites in the area on the Republican side included Darren Bailey (Stephanie Trussell) for governor with 63 percent of the vote, Peggy Hubard for state senator with 43 percent of the vote, and Mary Miller for the 15th district representative with 69 percent of the vote. 

Favorites among the Democrats were JB Pritzker (Juliana Stratton) for governor with 86 percent of the vote, Tammy Duckworth for state senator with 343 votes, and Alexi Giannoulias for secretary of state with 61 percent of the vote. 

Full primary election results can be found at The General Election will be held on November 8, 2022 in Illinois.

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