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Holding It All Together-Our Dogs

By Amy McCollom
Do you trust your dog? Do you think your dog is a good judge of character? Have there been people that your dog just has not liked and it’s given you pause, and made you question that person’s character and moral qualities? Most people who I have asked those questions have replied yes. People believe their dogs can tell good people from bad people. Are they right?

Science says yes. Dogs don’t like liars. A team of researchers led by Akiko Takaoka of Kyoto University in Japan conducted a study which found that dogs know if you are to be believed or not. In the study, dogs were tricked, in the name of science, to believe a trainer was going to give them a treat. But when the trainer lied about the treat after a few attempts, the dogs no longer believed the trainer at all and ignored their commands. A second trainer then worked with the dogs and did give them the treat, teaching the dogs that they could trust them. The dogs favored the trainers they could always trust and disregarded the trainers who had lied to them.

Apparently it doesn’t take dogs as long as humans to realize they are being lied to. I wonder why that is? Are humans more kind and willing to give second chances to people who have lied to them? Or are humans just less willing to admit to themselves the truth that is before them; that they have been lied to and now must make a decision based on that reality?

The dog is man’s best friend for a reason. We trust our dogs. We welcome them into our families, give them rights and privileges that not even other humans are allowed to have. And we love them like our own children. We nurture them, talk to them, care for them, and confide in them. Dogs are a huge part of being an American. 

So how many dogs live in the U.S.? According to the latest statistics from, 75.8 million doggos reside in the United States. That is a whole lot of truthful barking opinions there!

With a dog’s keen sense of lie detection and a nose for bad character finding, don’t you wish your dog could talk to you? Dads wouldn’t have to be cleaning their shotgun when being introduced to their daughter’s boyfriend for the first time, if Fido was sitting on the couch ready to ask his own set of questions. There would be fewer arguments at bedtime if the dog could tell you which child didn’t brush their teeth, had comic books hidden under their pillow, or saw who started the pillow fight.

And don’t even get me started about voting. As if there are any politicians left that aren’t liars, but what if Bowser could sniff out the best candidate just by looking at him? Or even give us a clue who to avoid voting in. Wouldn’t that be something? We just might have a chance to turn this country around! Gee, dogs really are man’s best friend. 

I read once that dogs do speak, but only to those who know how to listen. If you have never looked into the eyes of a dog and seen a loving soul, I am sad for you. A dog offers everything to please you; a true teacher of humility and humbleness, faithfulness, devotion, love. 

Somewhere the grass is always green, and good dogs romp and play, and listen for that familiar whistle or voice in the distance. Yes, I do believe in Doggy Heaven, for there is nothing I have found on this earth that is as close to perfect as the love between a dog and its human. That kind of love can only come from

God, and what God makes, He keeps. God bless all the dogs, here and in the great beyond. And comfort the hearts of those who have lost their tail-wagging best friends. Until we meet again.

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