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My Personal Side

By Craig Hastings
The economy is in the tank, our southern border is being overrun, we’re as much as in a war with Russia via Ukraine, gasoline and food prices are at record highs, a recession is looming but what’s today’s big news story? President Biden fell off his bicycle! Yep, true story. Every social media outlet on every electronic device people own was playing the video. Most all were reporting the same thing, “Nothing to see here! Everybody does it!” This has to be the most ridiculous news reporting we’ve been subjected to in sixty years! Had that been Donald Trump that had fallen off a bike or even a golf cart the biased media and the entire Democrat Party would have been demanding that Congress invoke the 25th amendment to the constitution! Can you even imagine Nancy Pelosi’s hand waving and denture movement while screaming from her podium demanding Trump’s removal from office for health reasons!? But not Joe! The same Joe that is now being led around by his arm by his wife Jill because he can’t put a single thought together without embarrassing not only himself but the entire country!

So why don’t the Democrats find a way to gracefully remove ol’ Joe? Well, because on deck you have the laughing gaff, Kamala Harris next up to bat. My god the party knows she’s probably a worse choice than just leaving Joe in charge even though he’s being led around by his wife Jill. Okay so tell the laughing gaff that she needs to refuse the appointment thereby leaving the Office of The President open for the next in line, Nancy Pelosi! I see you smiling, some of you even laughing but, trust me this is exactly what the Democrat Party is trying to figure out how to accomplish.

I’m going to go out on a limb with a theory. Could it be that the Democrats in DC are letting inflation, record high consumer product prices, and even the border crisis get completely unmanageable so Joe will be forced out of office simply on his performance record? Could it be that this process is the one that is the most “head held high” while exiting office for health reasons that not only the Party but even the Biden family can live with? Pay no attention to last week’s statement out of the White House that Joe plans to run in 2024. Of course he’s not. Joe will be considered very lucky if he’s not isolated at home under twenty-four health care services. I don’t intend to be cruel or uncaring here either. I’m making this statement from just living through this horrible situation with my mother last November. It’s painful for everyone in the family even if you have total privacy. Can any of you even imagine the news coverage every single day that will be forced on the Biden family. What’s happening to President Biden is not his fault. What is his fault was him letting his fellow Democrats use his name to win the 2020 election. They never cared about the Biden family or Joe’s health. They just needed a name to carry them over the finish line just ahead of Trump. Where they screwed up was nominating Harris for Vice President. Well, even so their strategy worked. Good job Democrats. You’ve gotten your way now every lower income and medium income family in America is paying the price for your selfishness and reckless actions. Of course you don’t care because cash is king and all of you have plenty of it to survive a recession that includes record inflation. 

I’m confident I could pick nine other people from Tuscola to go with me to Washington DC and make things in America much better than they are now. And I think we could do it in less than a year. I can say this because that’s how bad things are in America right now and not because ten people from corn cob county are gifted geniuses. Most of these blunders have been common sense mistakes by the Biden Administration. Simply and immediately putting the Trump agenda back in place would start to right the ship overnight. What about Ukraine? Here’s how I feel about Ukraine; I’d stay the course as long as Americans are not suffering from all of the money being spent to support the war effort in Ukraine. However that is exactly what is happening now according to Democrats so, my decision would be to pull back. Not out of the conflict but pull back, at least until the people in America are back on their feet financially. Sadly, this war could have been avoided completely but that’s another story. 

So who will be the Republican nominee in 2024 for President and will that nominee win in 2024? Florida Governor, Ron DeSantis wins hands down if Donald Trump supports him. Should Trump be the nominee I predict the race for President in 2024 could be a close one. Unless, Donald Trump would drop and stop everything he’s been saying about a stolen 2020 election. If it did happen it’s over! Move on and move forward. He’s easily electable if he shuts up about 2020 and makes public apologies to those Republicans he criticized. Not once but every chance he gets he must make amends with these Republicans. If 2024 is a Trump/DeSantis ticket I still believe Republicans win. If Trump decides to just campaign for all Republicans running in 2024 and not run for President himself, then I’d like to see a Ron DeSantis/Jim Jordan ticket. I’ve talked about Jordan in this column before. This guy is the most down to earth, smart, and caring politician I’ve ever witnessed in my life. This guy is more rural America than any politician I can think of. He’s truly one of us. If I thought it was his time I’d reverse that ticket to Jordan/DeSantis in 2024. Either way these two guys insure Republicans the following eight years of White House occupation and America prosperity.

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