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MCC Network Services, LLC d/b/a Conxxus Fiber-to-Home Build

On behalf of MMC Network Services, LLC d/b/a Conxxus (“Conxxus”) we are excited to be offering your community state-of-the-art, advanced fiber optic communication services. We wanted to reach out and provide you with additional information about us and the upcoming project. Conxxus is an Illinois authorized telecommunications, broadband, cable and video provider. On February 5, 2020, the Illinois Commerce Commission approved Conxxus’ application for state-issued authorization to provide cable and video service. (Docket No. 20-005) With this grant, pursuant to Section 401 of the Illinois Cable and Video Competition Law of 2007 (200 ILCS 5/21-401). Conxxus has state-issued authority to use, occupy, and construct its facilities in the public right-of-way for the delivery of cable and video service and authority to provide cable and video services in the service area footprint. Originally, the footprint was Gibson City, Illinois. This footprint has been subsequently modified to include other municipalities throughout Illinois. 

With this letter we are providing you with the statutory notice that Conxxus modified its footprint to include the City of Villa Grove. Specifically, Conxxus is involved in a project to provide state-of-the-art fiber optic services to the residents and businesses in your community. Additional information about Conxxus and its services can be found at As indicated in the notice filed with the Illinois Commerce Commission, Conxxus intends on launching its service on or around May 16, 2022.

As a courtesy, we wanted to take this time to provide you with additional information about Conxxus’ upcoming installation. In accordance with its statutory rights, Conxxus will use the public right-of-way to install its fiber optic cable facilities. The length of time anticipated to complete this work is esteemed to be about 12 weeks. Of course, this is an estimate that is dependent on weather and other outside forces.

The work will be performed using a directional boring rig. Conxxus will comply with all applicable laws for this project, including Illinois’ One-Call System (JULIE) procedures as outlined in the Illinois Underground Utility Facilities Damage Prevention Act. 

With its installation, Conxxus agrees to defend and indemnify and hold harmless the City of Villa Grove and/or its agents from the costs of any damages directly or indirectly caused by the installation, maintenance, repair, operation, or removal of the fiber optic cable that it installs. Conxxus has also purchased and will maintain a policy of insurance in amounts sufficient to provide coverage for personal injury and property damage losses caused by or resulting from the installation, maintenance, repair, or removal of the fiber optic cable facilities. Conxxus shall maintain such policies of insurance in full force and effect as long as the fiber optic cable facilities remain the public road right-of-way.

Conxxus looks forward to serving your community with these advanced communication services. If you have any questions, please feel free to reach out.

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