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By Craig Hastings
There is obviously a whole lot of talk going on about gun control in the news right now. I have to be careful here. Each year for the past six or seven years there has been a mass shooting somewhere in America. Immediately after, politicians at every level of government, local, state, and federal, ran to their favorite news crew to speak their piece (opinion). So many of these mouth pieces show the country their ignorance by speaking on a topic they know nothing about. Even our current President once again made a fool of himself last week speaking out about 9mm bullets after the recent school shooting. If you didn’t hear it for yourself, ballistic expert Ol’ Joe made a comment to the press contending that a 9mm bullet will blow a lung out of the body. What!? Yep, blow a lung out of the body he said. Of course Americans concluded our President was talking about the effect a 9mm bullet has on the human body, right? Sure he did. However, let me offer the President an out here. Now if Ballistic Biden meant he was referring to what a 9mm bullet would do to say a field mouse; then yep I agree. If I shot a field mouse in the chest with a 9mm bullet fired from anything, yes it has the capability to blow a lung out of a field mouse. But of course I’m just poking fun at Ol’ Joe. Joe was talking about people being shot with 9mm bullets. One more opinion of my own Mr. President. Let’s say a 9mm bullet could (but won’t) blow a lung out of my body. Might put some holes in my lung and make it look bad but to blow my whole lung out in one piece…ridiculously ignorant statement. One of my lungs becomes airborne and leaves my body. Just maybe I could survive that with immediate medical assistance, maybe. But here’s what I’d rather not happen than the lung thing because regardless of immediate medical attention I won’t survive either of these. A single 9mm shot to my heart probably kills me and my heart doesn’t even have to move from its natural location. Second, a single 9mm shot in the back of my head probably kills me too. My brain stays put, doesn’t move but I probably die. So what in the heck was Ballistic Biden’s intent when he went on national television to tell Americans some ridiculous story about bullets blowing lungs out of bodies? Was it a blood and gore effect he was after? Shock and awe to Americans’ conscience? Probably both but, if you’re going to make such statements, say something that most Americans really aren’t sure is the truth or not. Anyway, I don’t believe he meant specifically any 9mm bullet, but just one or many fired rapidly from an AR style rifle.

Some people immediately jumped to the conclusion he meant any weapon that fired 9mm bullets including the most popular pistol in America. Was the President now including all 9mm weapons as assault weapons? He didn’t say so we don’t really know. Let’s just assume he didn’t mean to include 9mm pistols but only rifles that fire them. So now does this fix the President’s irresponsible statement? Absolutely not. The majority of semi-automatic rifles, I don’t believe there really is a clear definition of an assault rifle so I’ll call them semi-automatic rifles, do not fire 9mm bullets. Joe wasn’t prepared properly by his handlers that day. The mass of most semi-automatic bullets is less than a 9mm bullet Joe. Briefly about the terminology used to describe assault rifles. My opinion only, mind you. What I think is that any weapon used to attack (assault) humans is on that day an “assault weapon”. It could be any rifle, shotgun, handgun, etc. any of these if used to intentionally attack to kill or injure other human beings. Any rifle is just a rifle until it’s used for a specific purpose. If I shoot an AR 15 rifle at a tree or bird it’s certainly not an “assault” rifle. Just isn’t. If I use that same rifle to defend myself or others from attack it’s still not an “assault” rifle.

Okay, back to Ballatic Biden. Joe, I’m not an expert by any standard but, there are semi-automatic guns (rifles) that are sold that accept a wide range of bullet sizes, smaller and larger. So why in the world did you pick just the 9mm bullet? I know the answer; because you don’t have a clue what you’re talking about here. This is the same guy who said in a campaign statement that police need to aim for a leg if they need to shoot at felons attacking them! Yes he really did. So can we all conclude Joe’s a joke and needs to stay out of the gun debates? Good. Enough said. So what is really going on in the Democrats minds? What is it they really want to happen today? Repeal the 2nd amendment, plain and simple. Disarm the American people. Well, all of the American people but the ones that serve as their protection staff. Their bodyguards can carry a bazooka if they choose.

Democrats and Republicans alike know that the truth is that there are too many guns in Americans hands to ever collect them all either legally or illegally. Stopping the sale of guns in America now would not serve any purpose but one. That one purpose would be billions of dollars in black market businesses at our borders. And that my friends would be the beginning of only criminals being able to purchase guns. But of course ammunition sales and limitation purchases would be included in any gun reform legislation. After all you can’t use your gun if you have nothing to shoot out of it. I don’t believe the sale of all guns will happen in our lifetime. Will some guns be banned or restricted? I believe they will. The AR 15 style rifle will once again be banned for purchase. Magazines that hold more than ten bullets will probably have some restrictions assigned. Background checks, as meaningless as they are, will probably get a lot of support. I really don’t care about that one. I’m guessing the minimum age to purchase some weapons will rise, at least in some states. After all the smoke clears I believe this; not much is going to change as far as owning and purchasing guns are concerned. Limiting the number of bullets anyone can load in a weapon at one time is a ridiculous notion to think it will save any lives should an attack occur. Magazines changes are a 2-3 second movement. Faster if you practice your skills.

I’ve said this before in this column. Take away all the semi-automatic rifles in America, every one of them, and you won’t stop or even slow the damage to human lives in a mass shooting incident. Anyone with any ability in gun handling can take any two pistols of any caliber, load a dozen ten round magazines with ammunition of choice and kill dozens of people in close quarters just as easily as they could with an AR style rifle. It’s just a fact. The real fix is just a partial fix and that’s the best you will ever get, partial. Harden the buildings of concern. Armed guards whether police or private service in all of them. But that will cost a lot of money to do. And as we’ve seen twice now, armed adults were on scene and they still didn’t prevent the carnage. The cheap fix idea of having a “floating” armed guard that moves from school building to school building is like putting a bandaid on a cut that needs stitches. It’s going to fail at some point. Do it right or don’t do it at all. Doing it right will cost someone or some government a lot of money. Some just won’t have it and won’t be able to get it. Then what? I’ve been doing this cop stuff for a long time and I’ve seen and studied a lot of scenarios. What I know is this, there isn’t anything that Americans can do or spend to 100 percent prevent mass shootings. We can reduce the number of killed and injured but to completely prevent all and forever mass shootings isn’t going to happen as long as we are gathering large numbers of people in crowded spaces. Americans want their freedoms to assemble and are willing to take those risks they might need to in order to enjoy themselves.

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