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Real Life Wellness-Will you be able to Afford Healthcare in the future?

By Dr. Bill Hemmer
Last week, I began to discuss my vision of what healthcare in this country can become. I believe it can morph into a home-based healthy lifestyle system that puts you back into control of your own health. The best part of this system is it is affordable for everyone because if you live a high-quality lifestyle, you don’t create the environment for any chronic disease to develop, saving you thousands of dollars.

I spoke at a conference in Houston in April and ran into one of my classmates from Chiropractic school. He was presented a lifetime achievement award for all the great work he has done for Chiropractic. I explained my home-based healthy lifestyle concept to him, and he made a very insightful comment. He said, “You are doing the same thing that Apple did with computers. You are taking healthcare to the people instead of making people go somewhere to get healthcare!”

He is right! But for the last 120 years, our health has been taken away from us and put into the hands of institutions that are supposed to take care of us (health insurance and medical systems). But these institutions are currently designed for us to wait until you find ourselves in a health crisis before we use them. This is because healthcare has turned into a profit-based business. Big healthcare doesn’t make money on prevention. They make money in rescue care.

I believe this can be turned around. You would think health insurance companies would be happy to save money by not paying out rescue care claims of thousands of dollars, but the truth be told, insurance companies invest a part of your premiums into Big Pharma stocks and other medical tech companies. So, they want these companies to make them money. 

But I know we can do better. Before 1900, we all took care of ourselves. We worked every day. We ate out of our gardens. We enjoyed meals with our families every night of the week. We took responsibility for our own health. If we can combine that mindset with today’s technology, just like my friend was talking about in Houston a few weeks ago, all of us can enjoy health for as long as we are on this planet.

The key piece of this whole new system of healthcare is low-cost tech, accountability and building your tribe. Your phone will be your tech. It will be your communication and your data collector. New wearable health tracking products linked to your phone; will help you stay on track. Your Health Coach will be your accountability contact to keep you on track and provide you with support, education, and resources. 

This system will also include groups of people who have the same health issues you do that you meet with regularly. These meetings will be online or by phone, so you don’t have to travel. These meetings will be run by local professionals. You will be able to listen in or actively participate. It will be totally up to you. 

You deserve to be healthy, happy, and vital. This new system will help us get there. I pledge to continue to build this system until I can’t anymore.

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