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By Craig Hastings
Raise your hand if you’re tired of hearing the war in Ukraine is responsible for everything bad in America. President Biden took center stage once again this week just to blame inflation, record high gas prices, supply chain problems, high crime, and finally the shortage of baby formula all on President Putin and the war in Ukraine. All of these things and more are because of a war halfway across the world. Do Democrats in Washington really believe that you and I agree with these clowns? If we think about it, it just doesn’t make any sense. I get it. We’re a bunch of simpletons with average brains from Corncob county Illinois but, this math is 2 plus 2 equals 4 stuff.

The first thing that comes to my mind is Afghanistan. America has trillions of dollars invested in that mass calamity of give and takes. And if my memory serves me right, while President Trump was leading America didn’t we see some of the lowest gas prices in twenty years? During the very expensive Afghanistan war. I don’t remember supply chain problems of any kind. Inflation bad enough to cause interest rates to rise? Nope. Would there have ever been a shortage of baby formula if anyone but Joe and Kamala were leading this country? I think not. Certainly not under the Trump administration. This administration has made bad decisions at every instance they needed to make one.

But here is the most damning logic to any of the lame excuses blaming the Ukraine war for all of America’s problems. America has invested nearly $14 billion dollars in the Ukrainian war to date. With all of the economic hardships many Americans are dealing with today and our elected Democrats and many Republicans too, are spending billions to assist one country halfway around the world. We have a real crisis on our southern border with hundreds of thousands of people coming across illegally costing the American taxpayers billions of dollars also. All of this money being spent on non-citizens and our own Americans in need can’t get any assistance! Mothers can’t feed new born babies because our own government didn’t have the foresight to see what the consequences of shutting down the largest baby formula producer in the country would cause! There was never a plan to deal with the obvious shortage America would have to deal with.

When the Trump Administration left office we were paying some of the lowest prices in thirty years for fuel. America was not only a self-sufficient producer of our own fuel but was even exporting oil around the world. The Biden Administration takes over and a month later America is back to importing oil for our own consumption. Why!? The why is because these idiots want to overnight go green, force green, in all of America. Not gradually, no, no, right now get it done is the idiotic logic guiding this administration. Finally, inflation has reached record highs. Interest rates are rising and will continue to rise until this inflation crisis is slowed down. Good luck to all of you who planned on buying or building a new home or commercial building.

Well Joe the fix is a reasonably simple one. Do what the President of the United States is obligated to do; take care of your own first and if there is anything left over then we’ll talk about that. Democrats and Republicans alike; you’re just as guilty here. Stop approving these insane amounts of money that will be spent in other countries. American can’t fight and fund every war in the world so stop trying. The cost to the American people is much too great. America First is the plan all Americans need to rally around. If that means a house cleaning at the federal level, Democrats and Republicans, then let’s get to it in November 2022.

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