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By Craig Hastings
Three days ago officials from our Department of Defense held a press conference. Finally, after some persuasion from some high ranking members of Congress who are very much interested in themselves, the federal government through the DOD briefed us on Unidentified Aerial Phenomena. UAP or as we simpletons know this, UFOs. I guess our government figures UAP would be a more appropriate confusing label so to confuse the rest of us. I don’t care what they call flying aircraft that they have no idea what they are as long as they finally discuss this with the rest of us. My own opinion is that there have been so many reported sightings to deny it any longer isn’t possible. After all, everyone in America is carrying a camera around wherever they go.

I watched the press conference from beginning to end and for me they really didn’t offer up much new information. The few videos they presented to the public were some we had all seen many times before. They told us that they have nearly 400 reports of sightings in their database now. If they tell me 400 I believe that number is probably more like 1000 if they were to tell the real truth. So what do I believe? Well, being a faithful follower of the show Ancient Aliens and Skinwalker Ranch, I absolutely believe there are aircraft flying in the same airspace as our own military and commercial aircraft that are from somewhere unknown. The DOD attempted to lead us to believe there are reasonable explanations for most of these UAP sightings. I don’t believe that. Some “experts” say that these UAP are the products of our foreign adversaries. Nope, not buying that either. I think our military is being extremely careful not to engage any of these aircraft for fear of making “somebody” mad. If our military command thought any of these things were Russian or Chinese they would be attempting to shoot them down for sure. No, I believe the truth is that we just don’t know so let’s err on the side of caution. Good plan, I agree.

So why now after years of public pressure on our government are they finally throwing us a bone and telling us something? Not much of something but, finally admitting there is something out there in the sky they can’t identify. Me, I believe it’s because they know a whole lot more than they are willing to share. What they know is that it’s just a matter of time that one of these things lands somewhere where there will be an overwhelming number of witnesses recording the event. I agree that it’s time. The civilian population needs to be brought up to speed gradually with bits and pieces of information in order to avoid a full on mass panic should one of these aircraft crash or actually make a planned landing. But of course much of the population will panic anyway.

Don’t be surprised if over the next few years we’re told that communication with unknown civilizations have begun. I believe that’s already happened and happened many years ago. Once we’re told that communications have begun we will quickly be told not to worry, all is well, they’re friendly, they told us so! What! Yep that will be the narrative and rightfully so. After all, we can’t be told some alien beings plan on taking over the world. No, communications will be sold to us as friendly and with good intentions and I pray that is really what happens. I believe if any other race of beings wanted to wipe us out that would have already happened. Easy enough, drop a killer virus down on the planet and come back in a year and move in. Simple.

Could be Elon Musk knows more than everyone else about this type of thing already. Here’s a guy that plans on populating Mars in the next twenty years. He’s figured out how to do this but the best scientists in the world can’t. Well everyone needs to relax for now. As long as these superior alien beings are watching Biden and Harris lead America down this path of destruction we’re on now they have no worries. They can see for themselves these two can’t stack wooden blocks successfully or drink water from a glass without spilling it. Nothing to worry about in America!

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