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Hook, Line and Sinker

By Tony Hooker
/, pōpə’rē/
a mixture of dried petals and spices placed in a bowl or small sack to perfume clothing or a room.
a mixture of things, especially a musical or literary medley.
Track and Field
I couldn’t think of a single theme to write about this week, so potpourri it is!

It’s amazing to me how an athlete or two can cast the fate of a high school track team. Two young ladies were in on all of the scoring for Tuscola’s state championship team over the weekend, joined only by two others on the state title winning 4x200m relay quartet. Congratulations to the Warriors, who have fielded a solid program for years. 

Are the Cardinals just the kings of the mediocre?
It’s way too early to draw conclusions, but my birdies haven’t fared fantastically well against teams with winning records, so far. We’re 2-5 against the Mets, 2-2 against the Brewers, and 4-3 against the Giants. Where we’ve made up ground is against the bad teams. We’re 5-1 against the Pirates, 3-1 against the Royals and 2-1 against Cincinnati. Oddly enough, we’ve not done well against teams that are hovering just at or below .500, going 2-2 against Arizona and 1-2 against Baltimore. It will be interesting to see if the new call ups, Liberatore, the pitcher, and Gorman, the second baseman, have much of an impact. Our offense has been decent, with our team batting average being ranked third in the league. We also rank first in stolen bases, which must warm the hearts of Cardinals fans who are old enough to remember the “Whitey ball” teams, managed by Whitey Herzog, who won a few pennants in the 80’s. Our pitching has been decent, as well, ranking sixth in team ERA. We don’t strike out a whole lot of hitters, ranking next to last in the league in that category, which is ok because our pitchers are making hitters put the ball in play and our defense ranks number 1 in assists and #3 in fielding percentage. 

Empty nest? Just kidding!
Here in Hookerville, we just got one kid moved out for a day before another one moved back in from college for the summer. We literally had 1 night as empty nesters before the princess arrived from Carbondale. At this point, she’s so self-sufficient that she doesn’t really impact anything other than the food bill. And shower storage space. Somehow, this child thinks she needs 12 different types of hair care products, and they all have to be stored in the shower, apparently. I’m not too salty about it, however, because you never know what the future holds, but I feel like when we move her back to school in August, she probably won’t be returning in any permanent capacity again. It’s the nature of things of course. Kids are born, they grow up and they lead their own lives. Today in church, I was struck by the fact that I distinctly remember the alter-girl being brought into church by her adoring parents, grandparents and great grandparents, soon after her birth. Now, she’s moving on to high school. Like I said before, it’s the nature of things. My dad once told me that days and weeks will go by slowly, but the years will fly by. I now know exactly what he meant. But enough of this philosophical stuff, I have to find out exactly what a three-in-one papaya hair mask is, and whether I need one.

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