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Class of 2022 awarded $142,000 during Honors Day

Tuscola Community High School students received $142,000 in the form of over 150 scholarships during the Class of 2022 Honors Day Ceremony on May 20, 2022. 

The awards, scholarships, and certificates distributed included:

Douglas County Republican Central Committee – Sophia Kremitzki ($500); Broc Winn Memorial Scholarship – Patrick Pierce ($1,000); Be Brave Scholarships – Haven Hatfield ($750) and Sophia Kremitzki ($250); Tuscola PowWows Scholarship – Kate Dean ($500) and Caden Baer ($500); Marci Lietz Memorial Scholarship – Preston Brown ($500); Fidelis Crusader Scholarship – Jayden Gaines ($500) and Skylar Wilkins ($500); David Dietrich Memorial Scholarship – Thomas Brown ($800) and Taylor Musgrave ($800); Tuscola First Bank Scholarship – Haven Hatfield ($750); Sopha E. Heil Scholarship – Amelia Bosch ($500).

GWFC Tuscola Woman’s Club Scholarship – Alyx Gardner, Summer Dance Club ($500), Reggan Smith, Summer Theatre Camp ($525), and Blake Taylor, Summer Art Camp ($100); Rotary Scholarships – Caleb Haste ($500/4years) and Rajan Patel ($500/4years); FFA Alumni Scholarship – Skylar Wilkins.

Tuscola Community Foundation Scholarships – Skylar Wilkins ($1,000) and Victoria Wells ($500); TCF – Tommy K. Martin Memorial Scholarship – Abigail Pettry ($1,000) and Peyton Armstrong ($500); TCF – Cletcher-Wessale Scholarship – Taylor Musgrave ($1,000) and Sophia Kremitzki ($1,000); TCF – Ray Wullliman Scholarship – Haven Hatfield ($500); TCF – Dr. Dana Mattix Scholarships – Sophia Kremitzki ($1,500) and Taylor Musgrave ($1,500); TCF – Tuscola Educational Foundation Fund – Connor Lewis ($1,000); TCF – Harley and Doris Helm Memorial Scholarship – Alyssa Williams ($1,000); TCF – Doug McCumber Family Scholarship – Amelia Bosch ($1,000).

Lloyd and Selma Sweeney Scholarship – Sophia Kremitzki ($5,000); Cabot Science Scholarship – Caleb Haste ($500); Keli Adkisson Memorial Scholarship – AJ Laubscher ($1,000) and Jayden Gaines ($1,000); Save Abandoned Babies Foundation – Sophia Kremitzki ($1,000); Acorn Equality Fund – Caleb Haste ($3,000); Douglas County Pheasants Forever Tom Innes Memorial Scholarship – Kate Dean ($500); Sarah Bush Lincoln Health Center Guild Scholarship – Sophia Kremitzki ($500); First Mid-Illinois Bank Scholarship – Connor Lewis ($500).

All-Pro Scholarships – Rajan Patel ($300), Jayden Gaines ($300); and Landon Banta ($300); TrustBank Tuscola ($750); T.K. Martin Education Scholarship – James Parsley ($500); Tuscola Alumni Association Scholarships – Kate Dean ($500), Haven Hatfield ($500), Amelia Bosch ($500), Sophia Kremitzki ($500), and Patrick Pierce ($500); Family of Ricardo & Mercedes Izquierdo Alumni Scholarship – Sophia Kremitzki ($1,000); William (Class of 1997) and Sharon Shiu (Class of 1963) Memorial Scholarships – Kyla Gough ($1,000) and Alondra Tapia ($1,000); Victory Church of Camargo – Caleb Haste ($1,000); Harriett Jane Bell Scholarship – Connor Lewis ($500); Donald L. Lindley and Belle H. Lindley – Sophia Kremitzki ($3,000/a semester); 

George Barnett Nursing Scholarship – Maddie Stahler ($500); Rutan Family Memorial Scholarship – Caden Baer ($500); Omni Energy Partners Technical Support Program – Jayden Gaines ($1,500); Tuscola Moose Lodge 729 – Skylar Wilkins ($500); Tuscola Women of the Moose Chapter 1011 Scholarships – Jayden Gaines ($1,000); Wheels Car Club Scholarship – Dylan Homann ($500); Douglas County Republican Women – Sophia Kremitzki ($500); Masonic Lodge – Skylar Wilkins ($500) and Jayden Gaines ($500); DAR/SAR Good Citizen Awards – Kyla Gough, DAR and Amelia Bosch, SAR. 

Georgine McDonald Trust Charles and Maggie B McDonald Scholarships – Sophia Kremitzki, Logan Wallace, Alondra Tapia, and Maddie Stahler ($5,400 divided among graduates); Lenore Cletcher-Wessale Trust Scholarships – Sophia Kremitzki, Logan Wallace, Alondra Tapia and Maddie Stahler ($8,600 divided among graduates); Kiwanis Scholarships – Haven Hatfield ($1,000), Maddie Stahler ($1,000), Amelia Bosch ($1,000), and Rajan Patel ($1,000); William Butkovich Scholarship – Caleb Haste ($500); TCHS Class of 1996 Scholarship – Rajan Patel ($500); National Wild Turkey Federation Scholarship – James Parsley ($500).

Gay Straight Alliance Booster Club – Caleb Haste ($500); Lt. Col. Clarence Gilles, Jr. Memorial Scholarship – Raeanna Boyer, Eastern Illinois University Music Camp ($500); Forty Martyrs – Bill and Irma West Scholarships – Amelia Bosch ($500) and Maddie Stahler ($500); CIC Student Athlete Award – Haven Hatfield ($100) and Taylor Musgrave ($100).

Students awarded the Cundiff Scholarship Trust of $2,778 each were Peyton Armstrong, Thomas Brown, Patrick Pierce, Connor Lewis, Caden Baer, Kate Dean, Maddie Stahler, Taylor Musgrave, Caleb Haste, Abigail Pettry, Mark Boyd, Amelia Bosch, Sophia Kremitzki, James Parsley, Rajan Patel, Haven Hatfield, Skylar Wilkins, and Logan Wallace. 

The Early College and Career Academy (ECCA) students awarded included:  ECCA Student of the Year – Amelia Bosch, Education Pathway Program and Parkland Automotive Maintenance and Light Repair – Jayden Gaines and A.J. Laubscher. 

Rotary Students of the Month Amelia Bosch (September), Kyla Gough (October), Caden Baer (November), Caleb Haste (December), Kate Dean (January), Alexandra Arroyo (February), Maddie Stahler (March), Victoria Wells (April), and Sophia Kremitzki (May) were recognized. 

Senior Departmental Award winners included: AJ Laubscher – Ag, Cillian Tryon – Art, Riley Nolan – Business, Victoria Wells – English, Caleb Haste, Jaslyn Earl, and Riley Nolan – History, Logan Wallace, Caleb Haste, and Rajan Patel – Math, Victoria Wells – Science, and Victoria Wells – Spanish.

Choral Award winners included: Caleb Haste – National Choral Award; Olivia Wallace – Best Overall Freshman; Aly Brucker – Best Overall Sophomore; and Grant Kauffman – Best Overall Junior. Band Award winners included: Caleb Haste – John Philip Sousa Award (Outstanding Senior), Jackson Burlew – Outstanding Freshman, Catie Gibson – Outstanding Sophomore, and Grant Kauffman – Outstanding Junior. 

Perfect attendance award winners Grant Kauffman and Logan Wallace were congratulated. 

Illinois State Scholars Caden Baer, Amelia Bosch, Kathryn Dean, Kyla Gough, Caleb Haste, Rajan Patel, Maddie Stahler, Logan Wallace, and Victoria Wells were recognized. Caleb Haste and Kyla Gough were also recognized for the American Legion Post number 27 School Awards. 

Claire Meyer was chosen as the American Legion Auxiliary Girls State representative. Liam Hetland was chosen as the American Legion Post number 27 Boys State representative.

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