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Clodfelder discusses plans for LakeLand College after VGHS graduation

By Tony Hooker
Back in the day, there was a commercial featuring baseball hall of famers Tom Glavine and Greg Maddux working out diligently, because “chicks dig the long ball.” While that sort of term would never be allowed in today’s society, this year’s VG softball team has several young ladies who most definitely ‘dig the long ball.’ 

Take junior third baseman Maci Clodfelder for example. She recently clubbed her 11th homer of the season, to set a new record. I recently caught up with the super active teen (and by super active, I mean super active, having participated in just about every high school extracurricular activity other than band, to this point) to talk about her season so far, and about her college future. 

Other than band, is there an activity other than band that you’ve not at least tried?

<laughs> I’m running for student council next year as a senior, so I think band is about it! I think I’ve pretty much touched it all.

Where do you think that desire to try everything comes from?

<sighs> I don’t know. I think I just want to get a taste of everything, I guess you could say. I am always in for a fun experience and never want to regret not doing something. 

You’ve played volleyball, basketball, golf and softball. Has softball always been number 1?

Oh yes, 100 percent, since I was 5, I’ve enjoyed the sport of softball. When I was 14, I took some time off, and I just missed it so much, it’s always drawn me back.

You’re a third baseman? Have you played any outfield?

Not too much. I like to play corner infield, pretty much. I’ve gotten some time at short stop this season, which is different, but I’m adjusting.

Do you think there will be a big adjustment for you when you go to Lake Land?

Definitely, with the girls I’m playing with, but I’m excited to get to experience new things.

Have you played with any of your future LakeLand teammates in travel ball?

Actually, yes. I’ve played with some of the girls who have committed to LakeLand, both with and against, so I’m excited to get to play with them in college.

How is LakeLand as a team? 

I went to watch them play on Saturday, before prom <laughs> and they are a stellar group of collegiate athletes, and the coaching is great there. I’m really excited to be playing there.

What is going to be your toughest adjustment?

I am such a homebody, and it’s requiring me to be away and live there. I’m looking forward to it, but it’s going to be an adjustment, being on my own and having to get myself to places.

How about on the field? Is the pitching going to be that much more difficult?

It is! It’s going to be an adjustment because the girls at that level know how to spin it and put movement on the ball. I’ll have to learn to adjust and focus in, but other than that, it’s just a game and I’m excited! 

What are you going to study?

Physical Education.

You want to be a teacher and coach?


That’s great! We need them. Five years from now, are you going to be playing in the pro’s?

I don’t know about that! <laughs> I hope to be playing division one after community college, but it’s really all about where it takes me.

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