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By Craig Hastings
If you weren’t convinced that America is on the edge of failing our own democracy before this latest scandal, you certainly should be calling it into question now. If you haven’t been paying attention to the news this past week, what I’m referring to is the leak from the Supreme Court’s own hallowed halls. A leak of a landmark decision voted on in February of this year but not scheduled to be made public until June of this year. It appears, according to the opinion written by Justice Alito and supported by five other Justices, that the Supreme Court after fifty years of debate will overturn the controversial Roe vs. Wade right to abortion without excessive government restrictions. So what does this really mean and why are so many democrats calling for demonstrations and protests to commence immediately?

First I’ll tell you that I’m predominantly a pro life supporter. However, I do believe also that there are circumstances where any woman should have the right to choose abortion. She should have the right as long as she makes her decision that agrees with the science of when a fetus advances to the stage of a living human being. And here is where the controversy begins and never seems to end. It seems, so far anyway, that medical science can’t agree on when life begins. With this decision I don’t believe what the Supreme Court has done in overturning the original decision changes anything. All the Court has done is what should have been done fifty years ago. That being, individual states should be writing their own legislation governing the right to abortion in their own states as their own citizens of those states would like to see it regulated. This seems simple enough to me right?

Not so fast I’ve discovered. You have one state out there that has decided that a woman has the right to abort, read murder, their child right up until the day of birth including even after the child has been delivered! Oh hell no! This is nothing but murder in my eyes and in anyone else’s that believes every human being has the right to life. Listen to me here! Imagine a child just delivered, perfectly healthy, crying, real tears falling, and some idiot clown doctor agreeing with the mother that just delivered her child to take a look and decide; “Eh, let’s just go ahead and kill this one and move on to the next!” Can this really be happening in America?! Maybe this is why the Supreme Court fifty years ago took some control over abortions and set time limits when abortions could be performed. It seems obvious to me that some elected officials in some states may not have the mental capacity or compassion to make such decisions.

My thinking on the realistic side of this is, if you live in a state that prohibits abortions, travel to a state that does and have your abortion. Why does the federal government have to be involved? Of course now I’m thinking that maybe the federal government needs to, at a minimum, set the time limits when an abortion is no longer an option. Based on medical science of course and not on an elected official’s personal opinion. I think Roe v. Wade needs to go away and return this legislation to the individual states. Back in the laps of the state’s own legislators is where this belongs.

Regardless of the easy transition this could be, Democrats across the country are calling on their minions to protest and demonstrate at the homes of those six Justices that decided to overturn Roe v. Wade. All of these organizers should be arrested and prosecuted. As it appears now, there is current legislation at the federal level that would allow this to happen. But will the local law enforcement be able to enforce this law or will these Justices have to rely on police from a federal agency to act and enforce the law? I believe the Biden Administration will simply ignore the standing laws because the President himself has already weighed in on the decision by the majority of the court and he disagrees with their best judgment. My god can November 2022 come soon enough!? New elections, new legislators, new intelligence taking the lead in our failing democracy.

I want all of you to think about this; our own elected officials at the highest offices in the land asking, demanding, that American citizens march in protest in front of the residences of our Supreme Court Justices! How does such a crime happen so blatantly in front of all of us to witness to the highest law enforcement officials in America? It’s a disgrace to our society and all America has stood for. It’s past time for a major change in Washington DC.

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