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Arthur Illinois native is using filmmaking to bring awareness to domestic violence

One film “Broken” has already been released in a series of short films on domestic violence by Chupp.

Martha Chupp is an Arthur, Illinois native currently residing in Fort Worth, Texas. She’s using her love of film to bring awareness to the topic of domestic violence. Her first film (in a series of short films on the subject) “Broken”, a drama, was recently released to YouTube as a collaborative project with Dallas actor and filmmaker Joseph Herrera. Herrera wrote the project, with Martha directing, co-producing, and even filming a small acting appearance as the protagonist’s abuser’s mother.

A second film “Desperate Measures” will follow soon, a companion piece with Herrera: writing, directing, and editing the project; to compete in the Kung Fu Film Competition in Dallas. This time in the genre of action and fantasy, the film follows an abused woman, Zooey who copes with domestic violence from her mad scientist boyfriend Manny by abusing alcohol. She leaves him six months later; taking along his prized possession, a captive martial artist named Elle and a young alien Leo, disguised as a teenage boy. Will they escape or fall victim to Manny’s abuse and experiments?

Broken was released on March 25 and can be found on YouTube (sign in to view Broken here Desperate Measures will premiere in competition at the Kung Fu Film Competition May 16th at the Texas Theatre in Dallas.

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