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My Personal Side

By Craig Hastings
Every winter for the past twenty I’ve complained about the cold air and made statements related to how I wish I lived somewhere warm all year long. However, then our weather moves from winter to spring which is happening now. For me, it’s a wonderful sensation to walk outside in the morning these first warm spring mornings, to smell what was the dormant brown vegetation reborn and turning to a fresh green. Where else can you experience this other than in a four season climate? So today when I walked outside on my way to my car I forgot all about our cold and dreary winter and better appreciate the experience of the changing of the seasons. These next eight weeks of Central Illinois weather will be the best weeks of the year for me. How can springtime in Central Illinois not motivate all of us to feel better about ourselves and what we have to accomplish in the new year? What makes this even better is the fact that Tuscola is a rural community surrounded by farm fields. Soon our area farmers will plant their crops and this will add to all of the rest of the new life being reborn around us. Again, where else can you experience this?

For the next several months I’ll have to rethink my complaint of the cold winter weather here. “Well then go somewhere and buy a get away from Illinois winter home.” That would negate the moving from winter to spring experience. If I came back home from somewhere warm back to here where it’s just starting to get warm, what’s the point? Directly across the street from me is and always has been a farm field. Every year for nearly my lifetime I’ve been fortunate enough to watch whatever crop move from planting to harvest. Never have I grown bored watching this cycle of life run its course through three seasons of the four. So what do those of you that move from rural Illinois to someplace warmer look forward to as the year moves on day by day and week by week where you’re at now? I have to assume you probably don’t miss the growing seasons you’ve left behind. I’m afraid I would; at least right now I would.

Over my adult years of living I think I’ve been through a couple of relationships that have paralleled the four seasons themselves. I’m not going to go into the particulars of any of those but I’m sure some of you can relate. Everyone should experience the four seasons at least once in their lifetime. Spring is a motivator for all of us to get out and get healthy after spending most of our winters eating too much and gaining more weight than we should. Doing what I do for a living I know this for a fact because all day long I watch many of the same people spring after spring get outside and either start walking, running, or working vigorously on a yard project. Some of these same people keep the walking or running regime up year round. Me, no way am I getting out in the cold to walk or run. I complain when I have to walk to my mailbox in the cold. 

This year like many of my past twenty, I’ll be watching closely for any signs of the groundbreaking of new building projects in Tuscola. We already know we have a couple of those preparing to start at any time now. If you’re interested in your community it’s exciting to see what’s coming next. Well, tonight I’ve convinced myself to stay put right here in rural Tuscola for now. Maybe one day the longing for constant warm air will win the day. Just not this day.

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