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John Leamon honored for his efforts with Friend of Athletics award

By Lenny Sementi
John Leamon has been a fixture at Tuscola sporting events for the past five decades and the longtime Warrior will be honored for the donation of his time. Ryan Hornaday has witnessed Leamon’s dedication to TCHS athletics both as a player and an Athletic Director and nominated Leamon this past winter for the 1A/2A Friend of Athletics award. On January 21 Hornaday was notified that Leamon in fact had been chosen as the winner out of numerous applications. 

Mr. Leamon started teaching at Tuscola in 1975 and began volunteering as a clock operator for home football and basketball immediately. Even after stepping away from education later on in the 70’s to start his own local construction business, he continued to volunteer and has been running the clock ever since. 

“John has rarely missed a game since starting,” commented Hornaday. “The ’21-22’ school year marks his 47th year as a game day volunteer. “Not only has Mr. Leamon been a consistent presence, he’s also been excellent at his task. We often receive compliments from officials regarding the high level of professionalism shown by John as a member of our press box and score bench staff. In forty-seven years “on the clock” John has served our school as a game day official presiding over dozens of playoff football games as well as dozens of conference, regional, and sectional basketball tournaments in addition to all of our regular season contests.”

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