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Holding It All Together-Modern Day Jesus

By Amy McCollom
What if Jesus was born in 1989 instead of 2000 years ago? What if he lived among us, healing the sick, proclaiming the gospel, opening blinded eyes, and pointing out sin? What if he had followers that would die for him? What if you could pull up YouTube and watch videos of great revivals where thousands of people were converted into followers in a single day? 

Imagine the controversy, the news media, the fake news. Yes, they would dig up the fact that he was born in a barn, had an unwed mother, was raised by a step-dad, and was a strange child. Perhaps they would label him extraordinary or an idiot-savant. Magic, mystic, fraud. Doctors would weigh in on his powers. They would want to test him, scan his brain, and he would have no part of it, thus furthering the skepticism.

Jesus did everything in love and light, but the world is a dark place so it did not recognize that. Love and light is foreign to a dark and unloving world.

It would be the same today, I’m afraid. Yes, Jesus would gain followers, for once you really meet and touch Jesus, you are changed. But those who don’t get close enough to know him will not be changed, and Jesus will be a stranger to them, an outsider sent to mess up the current flow of the dark world.

If Jesus lived in modern times he would suffer the same way, and he would be crucified. Perhaps not on a cross, but in every other way possible, and he would die an innocent man, free of any sin. But rest assured, he would also rise up from the grave in three days, and live again, for death cannot defeat the Son of God.

I can imagine the outrage after his death; the riots, the chanting, the t-shirts with his picture and a slogan, perhaps: Say His Name – Jesus! 

His obituary might read:

Jesus Christ, 33, Tuscola, died on Friday while in police custody, details are pending. His mother, Mary, survives. Jesus was a carpenter by trade, and a teacher, leader, and evangelist to thousands. His ministry travels over the last 3 years have taken him thousands of miles on foot where he performed many documented miracles and healings. He preached prophecies of a coming Kingdom of God and also claimed to be the son of God, which many are convinced was true. 

A graveside service was planned for Sunday, but has been postponed, as the grave has been evacuated unexpectedly. Donations can be made to his mother Mary in lieu of flowers or to your local church in Jesus’s name.

So what do you think? If Jesus had walked among us today would you have become a follower? Would you have been drawn to him or thought him crazy? The only way to know for sure if Jesus is the real deal is to get close enough to touch him. You need to get to know him. Good thing he left the Holy Ghost behind to be here for us. Jesus said, “I will not leave you comfortless, I must go, but I will send my comforter.”

If you are not sure Jesus is real and you don’t know him, the clock is ticking down. It’s time. Reach out to him right now and just ask to touch him, to get to know him. He will send his comforter to you, and you will feel him.

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