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By Craig Hastings
So how much longer will Joe Biden be President Biden? The walls seem to be closing in on the Biden presidency. All of the fake news media have finally acknowledged what they already knew two years ago. The recovered from a repair shop computer belonging to Hunter Biden and the information it contains is real. It wasn’t and isn’t Russian propaganda like CNN, MSNBC, ABC, CBS, and NBC tried to sell to the American voters before and all through the 2020 election cycle. In the past two weeks all of these make believe news outlets have begun to tell the story FOX NEWS has been telling us for two years. FOX accurately reported that Hunter’s computer contained many questionable business deals he had been involved with in Ukraine, China, and a mayor in Russia. Hunter Biden, the kid with a sex and cocaine addiction was being paid $50,000 a month to sit on an advisory board of a Ukrainian energy company, was given a reported $1.5 billion by the Chinese government to invest for them, and the wife of a billionaire mayor of Moscow cut Hunter a check for $3.5 million. All proclaimed a hoax, not true, propaganda only, by CNN, MSNBC, ABC, CBS, and NBC. They all accused FOX NEWS of conspiring with the Trump campaign in order to win the 2020 presidential election with Joe Biden.

There was indeed a conspiracy taking place. They were all right about that. The fake news media was conspiring with the Biden campaign and the rest of the corrupt left wing party in Washington DC to hide the facts about Hunter Biden for at least long enough to defeat Donald Trump. It worked, they won the day, had it not been for the news media role in the 2020 elections, Donald Trump would surely be president today. If Donald Trump was president today would Putin have invaded Ukraine? Most of the world believes that answer is “no”. I predicted a year ago the ultimate plan of 2020 election was to use the Biden name to funnel loyal Democrats to the poles in large numbers, get Joe elected, and within two years dump Joe using bad health as an excuse. The party would then swear the Vice President, the first female, female of color, Kamala Harris as Joe’s replacement as President of the United States. 

However, a lot has gone wrong that wasn’t part of this grand plan. Joe has failed at every turn and the American people know it and are unhappy. Kamala Harris can’t say a single sentence without laughing hysterically all the while making absolutely no sense about anything. Inflation is at a historical high. We’re involved in a war in Ukraine. Our southern border is being overrun with illegal immigrants. There aren’t enough police to fill all of the vacancies across the country because of the Democrat extreme left policies and false accusations by people that should know better. And now all of the biased left wing news sources are exposing and reporting, finally after denying it for two years, the Hunter Biden laptop computer information themselves. The most damning portion of the information contained on this computer appears to implement Hunter’s father, President Joe, as a person financially benefiting from all of Hunter’s suspicious business dealings with people in high places of the communist parties in at least three countries. Is the entire Biden family compromised? Someone must think this is a possibility because a Grand Jury will convene to hear testimony.

I think all of this will be fast tracked because the 2022 elections are coming up in November. In two years the next Presidential election will take place. In less than three years the Democratic Party needs to dump Joe and his baggage, find a way to get Kamala Harris completely out of the picture just in case she dare want to run for president herself in 2024, and find a shiny diamond somewhere in a party full of nothing but limestone candidates to run for president. I don’t think they have time but things are about to start happening quickly.

So what does Joe do at this point in time? How does he not only save his own legacy in history but also that of his entire family? Can any of you even imagine had this been the Trump family tied up in all of this alleged corruption?! If I’m Joe and I can actually still think for myself, if not I’d have Doctor Jill do it for me, I’d make my own plan. First and foremost I’d pardon my son of all criminal offenses. Next I’d force my ex Democrats to remove me from office. I wouldn’t go peacefully. Maybe they might even impeach me to get me out. If they do this I’ll go to the Republicans and cut a deal to expose all of the corruption committed by those holding the highest offices in the Democratic Party. Part of that deal would be my own pardon of any alleged wrongdoings by the next Republican President whom I will help get elected in 2024. I believe the Democrats intentionally set Joe Biden up to fail when they nominated him to run against Trump. They never wanted him to lead this country to prosperity. However, his name was the only name that had any chance of defeating the Trump name. I also don’t believe the Democrats ever suspected that Kamala Harris would be as big a disappointment as she has become. Joe, you still have a way out of this mess. If all goes as I just laid out you will forever have a place in history as one, if not the, most controversial presidents to ever serve. That number one spot will be followed closely by the number two most controversial president; President Trump. As Americans that have lived through many presidential elections, how many of you would have ever imagined how much the office of The President of The United States has been tarnished and disrespected in the past nine years? Yes this number includes the Obama years. God help us all.

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