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Ervin Park bathroom vandalized

Submitted Photos
The Tuscola Police Department received reports of criminal damage to the south bathrooms at Ervin Park on Wednesday, March 23 at 8:42 p.m. Photos were released by the City of Tuscola on Thursday morning with the message, “what a shocking and sad discovery in our Ervin Park restrooms last evening! So much time and money have been spent to upgrade our park baseball, playground and other facilities, with a new dog park planned soon. It is so disheartening to discover willful destruction of public property and facilities that are so important to so many of you. As public funds are used to install and maintain these facilities, this is a violation to all of us.” Juvenile subjects have since turned themselves in to the Tuscola Police Department. The City of Tuscola stated, “Tuscola Police have identified suspects in this matter, and prosecution and restitution will be decided in the normal course of law enforcement and court action. The City is also covered by insurance, so we are working to get the damage repaired as quickly as possible so that the facilities are available to the public as soon as possible. We see this a good example of how things work well when a bad thing happens. Thank you all for your care and concern for our parks and your community! It is wonderful to live in such a community that we can take care of our issues and then heal and keep moving forward!”

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