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My Personal Side

By Craig Hastings
Three weeks ago I wrote a story expressing my opinion about a war that was about to start in Ukraine. I said I thought the President of Ukraine should concede that his army is not capable of fending off President Putin and his superiorly equipped Russian army. Negotiating the surrender of Ukraine might not be the most honorable decision but I was thinking about all the people that would die including young Russian soldiers. Weeks later the war rages on and as predicted innocent civilians, thousands now, all over Ukraine are dying needlessly. “Oh Craig, they aren’t dying needlessly! They’re proud people fighting and willing to die for Ukraine!” Stop with that national media influenced rhetoric. How much more hypocritical can this reporting continue to be!? I’m a Fox News fan myself because I believe Fox is the most likely source to tell us the truth of what is really going on in the world. But, even Fox, every single one of their one hour blocks of commentary, reports of all the tough, rough, and ready Ukrainians fighting off the demon army of Russia commanded by Satin Putin himself. All of the world is praising the brave and courageous efforts coordinated by Ukrainian President Zelensky and his army.

I agree with all of what is being reported about President Zelensky. He’s the world’s hero right now and rightly so I think. I question his wisdom on the fighting of this war though. Have you seen the video reports of the bombings in many cities in Ukraine? Have you seen that Satin’s Putin puppet has targeted children’s hospitals? Have you seen cancer treatment hospitals have been bombed? Have you seen the civilian refuge shelters bombed leaving hundreds dead? Have you seen the irreplaceable historical buildings and monuments that have been destroyed? Did you see the Ukrainian people shot dead waiting in bread lines? Videos of women and children dead and injured every day this war rages on? The Ukrainian people are digging massive holes in the earth to throw their dead people in one on top of another? Was and is this all worth it? I’m telling you; “Hell no it wasn’t and isn’t!”

Sure, sure, the rest of the civilized world will continue to throw more weapons and ammunition at this thing; or at least until there’s no one left alive to pull triggers and push buttons. And when all the blood has dried, buildings and homes burned to the ground, bodies are counted, economy ruined, and the millions of Ukrainians that fled the country return home only to find they have no homes, what will have happened? I predict world pressure will finally persuade Satin Putin to negotiate a ceasefire leading to a peace treaty deal that will leave Russia either occupying or controlling most or all of Ukraine. The current government will either be removed and forced out of the country or remain in the country as only figureheads without any real power. The very same thing that I believe could have been accomplished without a single shot being fired. Families would still be alive and together living in their undamaged homes and businesses. Sure there would be some sort of political unrest because of the Russian control but, if it meant my sons and I get to live the rest of our lives together, count me in. If it gets too bad I’ll just leave Ukraine forever. There are options better than death and destruction here.

Back to the beginning. Without The United States Armed Services backing the Ukrainian government 100 percent of the Ukrainians had no chance to fend off this invasian. So why the sacrifice of human life and injury as a matter of pride and ego. Everyone knew this invasion was coming and these same countries stood by and did nothing. Everyone knew of the shock and horror the world would witness if this invasion went forward. Everyone did nothing. And now what stands between peace and more death are the egos of two men, Putin and Zelensky. Just these two men get to decide the fate of maybe a few more thousand lives. How does this happen in 2022?

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