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Cemetery mowing for Camargo Township will begin soon

The cemetery mowing season for Camargo Township will begin soon and I want to remind everyone that we will begin enforcing the new guidelines which have been posted at our five cemeteries. We encourage your cooperation in helping keep our cemeteries looking great. As a reminder, we are publishing the rules following this article. These new policies go into effect April 1, 2022. If you have any decorations that do not adhere to the following rules that you wish to save, please have them removed before April 1.

Camargo Township Cemetery Trustees

* Rights. All lots in the cemeteries shall be used solely and only as a place of burial for the dead and for no other use or purpose whatsoever.

* Headstones and Monuments. All headstones and monuments shall be set on a concrete base. The setting of each headstone and monument shall be supervised by and subject to the approval of the Cemetery Trustees.

* Ornamental Fixtures Prohibited. No ornamental fixtures of any kind or description shall be placed on any of the several lots of the cemeteries. Any such fixtures located upon any of said lots shall be removed by the Cemetery Trustees or their agent. This includes but is not limited to solar lights, toys, glass containers, decorative rocks, etc.

* Trees and Shrubs. Trees, shrubs, live flowers and vines shall not be planted or placed upon any of the lots of the cemeteries and will be subject to removal by the Cemetery Trustees or their agent.

* Flowers. Flowers may be displayed in vases which are part of the monument or marker, on top of monument or marker or by hanging on a metal rod placed alongside the concrete base. Flowers displayed on the ground, which interfere with mowing, shall be removed by the Cemetery Trustees or their agent after a period of seven (7) days. No glass containers shall be permitted on the various cemetery lots.

* Cemetery Clean-up. Clean-up of all floral displays will be in the spring after March 31. Any displays left after March 31 will be discarded by the Cemetery Trustees or their agents. Exception to this will be in honor of Memorial Day. However, all displays are to be removed within seven (7) days or they will be discarded by the Cemetery Trustees or their agent.

* Off-Road Vehicles. Non street-legal off-road vehicles are not permitted on any cemetery drives at any time. Violators will be subject to prosecution.

* Conduct of Funerals. All funerals, on reaching the cemetery, shall be under the supervision of and subject to the control of the Cemetery Trustees or their agent.

* Transfer of Cemetery Lots. No transfer of a cemetery lot shall be valid unless the same shall be registered upon the books and records of the Cemetery Trustees.

* Effect of Rules. All cemetery lots are sold subject to the rules of the Cemetery Trustees as the same are now in force or as hereafter amended.

* Amendment of Rules. These rules may be amended at any time at a regular or special meeting of the Cemetery Trustees.

* Hours of Operation. The hours that the cemetery may be used are dawn to dusk. No loitering is allowed.

State of Illinois, County of Douglas, ss.

The Cemetery Trustees of Camargo Township, Douglas County, Illinois, do hereby certify that the foregoing is a true and correct copy of the Rules for Operation of Cemeteries adopted by said Cemetery Trustees of Camargo Township, Douglas County, Illinois, on the of September, A.D. 2021, and that the original Rules For Operation of Cemeteries are on file with the undersigned.

Dated this day of September, A.D. 2021.

Cemetery Trustees,

Camargo Township,

Douglas County, Illinois

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  1. Anonymous on March 24, 2022 at 7:56 pm

    I understand that there are rules and regulations for the cementery for flowers. But I am tired of buying metal cones to put flowers in only to have them destroyed by the mowing crew. These are not cheap to purchase and I can only find them once a year at Prairie Gardens during Memorial Day. If the Camargo township Cementery Trustees would like to reimburse me each year then I would gladly purchase them instead of putting the flowers in the ground. Or tell their mowing crew to be more careful. When you go and the cones are flatten in half that takes some pressure. I have about 13 Graves to place flowers on. It adds up. Plus a chunk has been taken out of my mother’s stone. Whose going to repair this? Of course a tombstone can’t be repaired, a new one would have to be purchased. It sad that nothing is respected by anyone any more.

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