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Real Life Wellness-Three Ways to Look Better, Feel Better and Live Longer

By Dr. Bill Hemmer
We have just lived through two years of healthcare chaos. Everyone I talk to has a story of healthcare friction. Isolation, lack of follow-thru, withholding information, medications or procedures are the most common problems I hear from people. 

Why does healthcare have to be that way? Shouldn’t you be able to communicate freely, partner with someone who cares about you and be able to talk to them whenever you need to? I think so. Plus, a new healthcare system should also be affordable to everyone. 

But you also need to have some “skin in the game” too! If you aren’t contributing anything to the process of getting and staying healthy, you can simply continue to blame someone else and fall back into a passive lifestyle that leads to all chronic disease. Nobody wants to have Diabetes, High blood pressure, obesity, or arthritis, but our current system wants us to rely on others to be in charge of our health. 

So, I’m proposing a completely new approach to this healthcare problem. I have talked about this in the past, but I’m now ready to fully explain what I have been putting together for more than 5 years. I call it Inflammunity.

Inflammunity is the balance between your inflammation level and your Immune response. We all need some inflammation to trigger healing and we also need to have our immune system ready to attack any threat, but not attack our own tissues leading to an autoimmune problem. 

The best tool to balance your inflammation and immune response is your lifestyle. If you live a truly healthy lifestyle every day, you can stay in balance and age gracefully. The great thing about your lifestyle is that you control the entire thing. Creating and maintaining a healthy lifestyle doesn’t cost any more than living a crappy lifestyle. Your health is literally in your hands. 

You are in charge. You make the decisions. You learn what we need to know. All I will do is feed you information you need to make an informed decision. Once you know what you are doing, no one can ever take that away from you. You become empowered. 

Your lifestyle can be easily separated into three parts, Stress, Food and Trash. Once you have a handle on these 3 parts, your ability to look better, feel better and live longer is on solid footing for the rest of your life. 

Stress is a necessary evil. Over the last month, I have described the different types of Mental, Chemical and Physical stress we all face every day. Balancing your stress load is the first step to a healthy lifestyle. Stress never goes away; it simply needs to be managed effectively. 

Food refers to everything you put into your body for fuel. Your body must have fuel, or it will eventually die. Your diet, supplements and hydration are the three main areas to address. There is no perfect diet for everyone. But there are easy ways to find out which diet style can work best for you.

Finally, Trash refers to your ability to detoxify yourself. You must be able to get toxins out of your body effectively. If you can’t take your trash out, your metabolism, brain health and ability to lose weight get severely compromised. 

Next week, I will dig a little deeper how to build a foundation to handle stress effectively. Don’t miss it.

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