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Holding It All Together-Why I Don’t Like Tweety Bird

By Amy McCollom
Ok, I’m laying my cards on the table. I admit it; I do not like Tweety Bird. I know I won’t get many likes for this unpopular opinion, but at least hear my reasoning behind it. I am entitled to my opinion, after all.

Tweety Bird is ugly. That in itself does not make me dislike him, because I like a lot of things that some people consider ugly. Have you seen my hairless dog for instance? But when you add Tweety Bird’s attitude and other faults, which I will list, along with being bug-eyed, and big-headed, with over-sized orange feet, and a deformed face; Tweety Bird is not anywhere close to adorable. His bright yellow color is obnoxiously loud and his ugly orange beak and feet in no way represent any real bird that I have ever seen. He’s just not cute to me. Plus, pretty is, as pretty does.

Tweety Bird is a jerk. I know he is only a cartoon, but he is a mean little bird that is a smart aleck. His jokes and one-liners are not funny, and the tricks he plays on Sylvester the Cat are just down-right cruel. Then Tweety Bird sits back and plays all innocent and gets pampered by the lady of the house, while Sylvester gets blamed and punished for what Tweety did. It’s not fair, and it’s not right. It’s a travesty!

I like cats. Sylvester, Tweety’s nemesis, is a handsome black and white tuxedo cat, much like the cat I have now, named Gaster. According to my own life experience, I have discovered that black and white animals tend to be smarter, quicker, and more easily trained than other colored animals, no matter what species. I have had dogs, cats, rats, guinea pigs, and so on, and the black and white ones have all proven to be heads and tails smarter than the others. I loved watching Sylvester when I was a child and always hoped he would catch that bird and make a nice juicy sandwich out of him. It would serve that bird right.

Tweety Bird has sanpaku eyes. You always have to be wary of characters/people with sanpaku eyes. Sanpaku is a Japanese term meaning “three whites” and in Chinese/Japanese face reading, having white above the iris of the eye (extra whites) means the person has a mental flaw, possibly being a psychopath or murderer.

Too much white below the iris, according to face reading, could mean there is an imbalance in the person’s physical, psychological, or spiritual well being. If you watch the news and you see mugshots of criminals who have been caught doing a crime, look at their eyes. More than likely they have unique eyes with more white showing below the iris, sanpaku eyes (bad guy eyes.) I read that if someone has a lot of white above their iris, run! Looking at Tweety Bird’s eyes, that explains a lot.

Tweety Bird is involved in gangster activity.

I found this conversation on Twitter regarding Tweety:

“When I lived in LA the local Watts Bishops sect wore Looney Tunes clothing for the “WB” logo. It was pretty surreal walking through the ghetto and seeing a massive dude holding down a corner in a Tweety t-shirt.”

And then I found this:

JACKSONVILLE, Ill. — Tweety Bird and the rest of the cast of cartoon characters in the Loony Toons stable are forbidden at a central Illinois high school, out of fear they are promoting street gang activity.

New T-shirts and caps produced by Warner Brothers depict characters such as Bugs, Tweety, and the Tasmanian Devil dressed in backward caps, baggy pants and other items school officials said have street gang connotations.

And then this:

Language of the Cartels : Narco Terminology, Identifiers, and Clothing Style

Other images associated with drug trafficking are Tweety Bird. Some drug traffickers place Tweety Bird stickers on their trucks or air fresheners on their rear view mirror, as drug dealers see themselves as the invincible bird that never gets caught and law enforcement as the cat.

Tweety Bird reminds me of a spoiled narcissistic brat. Imagine the baby brother always getting his way, being treated like a little prince, being the “Golden Child,” and yet always doing things to get you in trouble with your mom. That’s exactly what Tweety Bird does. He torments Sylvester over and over again until that poor cat is obsessed with getting back at him. Tweety drives that cat literally crazy. All the while, getting gentle pats on the head and told how sweet he is by a buffaloed owner who in-turn contirues to torture Sylvester much to Tweety’s sadistic delight. I have never wanted to strangle a bird so much in my life.

So I grew up watching Sylvester and Tweety, only to save poor tortured kitty cats all my life and raising a couple of daughters just like me. I love cats and always will. I guess in the long run, I really did save a few Sylvesters, only mine were real. Take that, Tweets.

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  1. Anonymous on January 20, 2023 at 6:20 pm

    Finally! Someone has written the definitive expose on that dastardly Tweety! Thank you very much for allowing others to realize Sylvester needs to capture and eradicate him from the toon world.
    Thomasina Meeks

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