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Douglas County Ag in the Classroom

Pizza is one of the most popular foods in America. It is estimated that the average American eats 23 pounds (46 slices) of pizza each year.  This month, Ag in the Classroom lessons taught that each of the foods found in pizza originates on the farm!

Pizza dough is made from wheat. Wheat flour is mixed with yeast, oil, sugar, salt, and water to make pizza dough. Pizza sauce is made from tomatoes. Special herbs, such as oregano and garlic, are added to tomatoes used in pizza sauce.

Cheese is made up of milk that comes from dairy cows. Illinois companies produce more than 77 million pounds of cheese each year. Kraft Foods, a major cheese producer, is in Northfield, Illinois.

Pepperoni and sausage are meats made from pigs. Many Illinois farmers raise pigs.  There are over 300 commercial mushroom growers in the United States. Mushrooms grow in cool, dark places.

Younger students made a cute pizza craft and older students did a fun science experiment with yeast that inflated balloons.

Douglas County Ag in the Classroom is supported by Douglas County Farm Bureau, Douglas County Ag Center, and Illinois Ag in the Classroom.

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