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Villa Grove Council briefed on city’s project progress

The Villa Grove city council met for their regular, voting meeting on Monday February 14.

After calling the meeting to order at 6:01 pm, Mayor Eversole Gunter asked Secretary Osborne to call the roll. All council members minus Alderman Blaney, plus mayor Eversole Gunter, Administrator Athey, Secretary Osborne and Chief of Police Rea were present.

After stating the pledge, Eversole Gunter called for a motion to approve the consent agenda, which consisted of:

* Minutes of the regular city council meeting, held on January 18.

* Minutes of the closed session of the regular city council meeting, held January 18.

* Minutes of the Committee of the Whole meeting, held on January 24.

* Authorization for the payment of bills in the amount of $338,227.49.

* Financial Statements for the month ending December 31, 2021.

* Cash balance report for the month ending January 31, 2022.

* Extension of the Contract for the Director of Public Works.

Mayor Eversole Gunter then called for public comments, and finding none, moved to administrator’s reports.

Administrator Athey then reported that:

* The Engineers were working with Ameren concerning the location of certain parts of the power grid for the Community Building.

* The scrubber at the water plant had been installed but not yet wired.

* That the environmental study for the sale of the water and sewer utility had been completed, and that she would begin hold bi-monthly meetings with staff concerning the integration to Illinois American.

* She then noted that there is a potential buyer for the Turner property, and that the potential buyer was looking to acquire a section of Richman park. It was noted that the sale of the section wouldn’t be possible because of the grant used to build the park.

* The contract with Arrow Ambulance is set to expire in April, and she would be collaborating with other communities to move a new contract forward.

* The office was expecting an IML payroll audit.

* This week is the final date for Rec program signups for summer.

* She expects to have the first drafts of the 2022-23 budget prepared next week.

* Finally, she discussed payment for her attendance to the ILCMA Summer Conference, noting that she would be able to use airline credits toward her travel.

The mayor then made her report, noting that the council had approved the renaming of one of the ball fields in Neal Tay’s honor some years ago, but for some reason the dedication and signage had never happened, and she wanted the council’s input on how to move forward. She also discussed a request to have a section of road near Henson Park be named “honorary Bill Gabbard Road,” and though the council couldn’t vote on that issue, a consensus was reached to put it on the agenda for the next voting meeting.

Chief Rea then shared a document showing that VGPD had cut their amount of overtime hours nearly in half between 2020 and 2021. He also showed that in 2021, his office had responded to 3822 calls for service, including an increase of 79 traffic citations, 420 traffic warnings, 17 domestic calls, and 20 ordinance violations. 

Next, Mayor Eversole Gunter moved to new business which included:

* The dedication of a ball diamond to Neal Tay.

* Approval of 2021 MFT Maintenance expenditure agreement in the amount of $162,770.64 (Passed Unanimously).

* Approval of Schaumburg & Schaumburg pay request in the amount of $127,917.07 (Hooker cast the only no vote).

* Approval of IEPA loan request #6 in the amount of $131,667.07.

* Approval of the quote for recodification from American Legal Publishing in the amount of $230-240.

* Approval of City Administrator’s attendance at ILCMA Annual conference.

* Approval of City Administrator’s attendance at APTUS&C Annual conference at a cost of $3039.23 before airline credits applied.

* Approval of the purchase of ProLaser LIDAR at a cost of $1638.

* Approval of the purchase of cabinets, shelving and ceiling panels for the Police Department at a cost of $1200.97.

* Gave approval for city administrator to work with Waste Management on setting date for annual cleanup days.

Finding no further business, Hooker motioned to adjourn at 6:49 p.m., with all voting in favor.

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