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Real Life Wellness-Die Young as Late as Possible Part 3

By Dr. Bill Hemmer
Over the last few weeks, I have been describing the latest trend in Functional Medicine called Resilience. Simply put, Resilience is your ability to resist and recover from any type of stress. Mental, Chemical and Physical stress all cause the exact same effects on the body. Your body literally can’t tell the difference between these three different types of stress. To your body…stress is stress!

Last week I began the discussion of Chemical Resilience. Diet, supplementation, and your chemical environment are the three parts of Chemical Resilience. This week let’s discuss supplementation. 

I explain to my patients, you can only get better nutrition two ways. Either you can eat better food, or you can bring specific nutrients into your diet as a supplement. We all need certain nutrients to increase our Resilience. For me, I need to keep my small blood vessels healthy because of all the standing I do every day. One of the best food sources of these specific nutrients are Beets.

But I hate Beets!

So, I take a supplement containing whole food concentrations of beets instead. This allows me to receive the benefit of this super food without gagging! Other people can’t stand broccoli or kale. It really doesn’t matter what you can or cannot stand when it comes to your food. If you can’t or won’t put an essential nutrient into your diet, and you want to increase your Chemical Resilience, you will have to do it through supplementation. 

Other reasons you will have to use supplementation is if you are taking certain medications. Many medications deplete your body’s storage of certain vitamins and minerals. One of the best examples of this is Coenzyme Q10. Most heart related medications deplete your body of Coenzyme Q10. Coenzyme Q10 is an essential nutrient for your mitochondria to produce energy. 

Your heart and brain contain the most mitochondria per cell of any tissue in your body. So, when your body is depleted of Coenzyme Q10, both your heart and brain suffer. Therefore, if you take any medication for heart or brain function, you really need to supplement your diet with extra Coenzyme Q10 to replenish what the medications take away from you.

There are other necessary supplements because it is almost impossible to get enough of them in your diet alone. The best example of this is a high-quality fish oil. Sadly, we live more than 500 miles from the nearest ocean. The essential fats found in fish oil help decrease all types of inflammation found throughout your body and increases brain function. Therefore, unless we get enough of these fats, your body will become increasingly inflamed and your brain will suffer. 

The proper amount of fish oil for an adult is 2000 mg (two grams) daily. Unless you eat wild ocean-caught fresh salmon almost every day, there is no way our land-locked environment can provide each of us with the two grams of fish oil per day we all need. 

Next week, I will discuss the third and final part of Chemical Resilience. Your Environment will make or break your ability to recover and heal. Don’t miss it!

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