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Holding It All Together-Love Is A Small Piece Of Chicken

By Amy McCollom
I read a story once about a daughter who was newly married, and having just set up her household with her new husband, had invited her parents over for dinner for the first time. She really wanted to impress her mother and showcase all of the skills that she taught her, so she made a delicious fried-chicken dinner with all of the trimmings. Real mashed potatoes and homemade gravy, fresh corn on the cob, and she even had apple pie for dessert. 

When her parents arrived and were seated at the dinner table, the daughter placed the platter of fried chicken in front of her mother for her to select a piece, and the mother picked the large, juiciest breast piece right on top! The daughter was shocked, and gasped! She couldn’t believe her mother did that! 

She asked, “Mom, why did you pick that piece? You always chose the back piece when we were kids?!”

To which the mother replied, 

“Why would I want the back piece? There’s hardly any meat on it?”

It was at that moment the daughter realized that love sometimes means taking a small piece of chicken. 

The better word for this is that love is sacrifice. Moms sacrifice for their children from the moment of conception. They share everything within their body; they give of their nutrients in their blood, their oxygen, their very life. They sacrifice their comfort, their feelings, their lifestyle, their wardrobe, and sometimes their relationships. To be a really good mom, sacrifice is essential, therefore to be a loving mom, sacrifice is a chosen way of life.

Dad’s sacrifice too. Dads give without being asked, sometimes out of expectation, but they usually don’t grumble about it. It is still a sacrifice. The truth is, most dads and husbands would take a bullet for a family member and that is how they show love. They work hard to bring home the bacon, and that’s how they show love. They eat burned pancakes without complaining, and that’s how they show love. They take the trash out. They let the dog out. They fill the gas tank of the car. Dads quietly show love all the time. It’s just not like in the movies, because life is real and movies are not.

Love and charity, charity and love. Charity isn’t synonymous with helping the poor. The definition of charity is: The love of God in action. Since God is the very beginning and source of all love, this makes perfect sense. Love is flowing, moving, and acting. Love is alive. God sacrificed His Son, Jesus, to prove He loved us. So shall we in turn, love and sacrifice for others. Love is more than a feeling. Love is also doing.

Jesus said it plainly in John 15:12, “This is my commandment, that ye love one another as I have loved you.” Jesus gave the ultimate sacrifice of love, and likewise, we are called to live our lives loving others as best as we can, and loving God with all of our heart, soul, mind, and body. Love God, and love people. 

So is love taking the small piece of fried chicken? Sometimes, if you have a hungry family of growing children it is. Sometimes it’s giving your scarf to a cold girlfriend. Sometimes it’s giving your last $10 to a homeless lady. Sometimes it’s working someone’s shift so they can take their baby to the doctor. Sometimes it’s stepping in front of a bullet to save someone’s life. Sometimes it’s simply a prayer on your knees. There is a way to show love every single day. If you haven’t found a way to show love, you haven’t been looking hard enough. Those who give love, get love.

Don’t worry. You will get your chance to get the big piece of chicken someday. Love is sacrifice, and maybe a small piece of chicken today.

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