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Back to Health offers innovative non-surgical therapy for back pain

Approximately 16 million adults are living with chronic back pain, making it the sixth costliest health condition in the United States. Dr. Charles Schuster, owner of Back to Health Non-Surgical Pain Solutions, is committed to offering innovative ways to provide his patients permanent relief for back pain, without costly surgeries.

 Back To Health Non-Surgical Pain Solutions has invested in unique products such as an Intervertebral Differential Dynamics (IDD) Therapy Table to help patients find lasting relief from their back pain.  As the treatment requires advanced technology, the therapy can be hard to find. Back to Health is one of the only back treatment centers in the region to have an IDD table.

 “IDD Therapy is an amazing tool offering relief for those with back and other pain,” said Dr. Schuster. “It uses a precise, computer-controlled spinal treatment to open the disc space between targeted vertebrae to alleviate the pain caused by disc compression and degeneration. Compressed discs can be the cause of many issues, not just in the neck and back, but also the arms, legs and extremities. This treatment can also reduce or eliminate the need for surgery. We’ve seen it make a tremendous impact in the quality of life of our patients.”

 IDD Therapy treatment and Accu-SPINA® system were developed and advanced by neurosurgeons, orthopedic surgeons, PTs, and other healthcare professionals, for the non-surgical resolution of back and neck pain. After decades of use, and millions of treatments, IDD Therapy has maintained an exemplary safety record and outstanding success rates. 

 Back to Health Non-Surgical Pain Solutions offers a wide variety of pain relief treatments for conditions such as arthritis, back pain, neuropathy, sciatica, plantar fasciitis, as well as shoulder, neck, elbow, and hand pain. The practice is also a Disc Centers of America Spinal Decompression Clinic. Back to Health also specializes in laser therapy and other whole-body wellness treatments. It is one of the only clinics in the area which provides a combination of physiotherapy, chiropractic and regenerative medicine. The business is located at 25 W. Lincoln Avenue in Charleston. For more information about their services, go to or call 217-345-9600.

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