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Real Life Wellness-Die Young as Late as Possible

By Dr. Bill Hemmer
Last week, I read this quote and thought it really hit the nail on the head. We all want to live a strong, vital life for as long as we can and then go to sleep one night and not wake up. The question then becomes, what is the best way to accomplish this?

Much of the latest research in Functional Medicine focuses on something called Resilience. Resilience is how well and fast you can recover from any type of insult to your body. Mental, Chemical, and Physical insults all create damage to your body and your ability to come back from these insults is the measure of your current level of Resilience. 

We all have the capability to increase our Resilience, no matter what your age. From a Mental point of view, you can increase your Resilience by Goal setting, accepting that failure is part of success and living every day like you mean it. My personal belief is harnessing the power of Goal Setting is the most underrated skill there is on the planet. Once you master the art of Goal setting, you can create a map to follow to build your Resilience over time.

The second Mental aspect is even harder for most people. We have to accept that failure is part of success. I told both of my girls ever since they could understand me, that they needed to learn to fail faster. Every success is built on a foundation of failure. I had four practices in the first eight years of my professional career. Each one of them helped me and molded me to become a better doctor. I tried some things during those eight years that worked great, while other things failed miserably.

By the time I bought the Tuscola Pain & Wellness Center, I had learned many valuable lessons on what to do, but more importantly, I also learned what not to do. Building your Resilience is no different. Try many different things and take any positive ideas from a failure and forget the rest. You don’t need any baggage. 

The final aspect of Mental Resilience is living every day like you mean it. Being present is so important to your health. Don’t spend too much time projecting into your future. Also, take only your positive lessons from your past and forget the negative ones. You can’t change either thing. Being present with people you love and allowing yourself to feel and contribute will continually help you to live longer. 

We all need to spend much more time present with each other. This means we all have to put our screens down and actually look and talk to each other. When we share our Goals with someone else, it solidifies them in our own mind. When we talk out our past failures, we learn others feel the same way and it helps us heal even more.

Next week, I will get into the Chemical part of resilience. So, make it a Goal for next week to read it!

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