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Holding It All Together-Love Is Like A Pancake

By Amy McCollom
Do you remember making pancakes for the very first time? Oh, what a mess! Some were burned, some were raw, but it was a learning experience. It’s not as easy as you think, especially for a first-timer. There is an art to making pancakes.

I have eaten a lot of sub-par pancakes in my life; most of them I have made myself. You don’t ever want the first or last pancake at my house. The first one is the practice pancake. It’s the one that is usually too brown, or even burned, because I’m trying to gauge how high to have the stove flame.

The middle pancakes are pretty decent because after I have made a few, I have figured out how much batter to put in the pan and how high to have my flame, so they turn out just right. But the last pancake of the bunch is when I scrape the bowl of the lingering batter and end up with the scrawniest, thinnest excuse of a pancake in the pile. My dog thinks this one is made just for her, and a lot of times it is.

No amount of reading directions or watching videos can teach you how to make the perfect pancake. Some things just have to be done in order to be learned. There are a lot of things to learn about making pancakes. Things have to be almost perfect to get a good one. Now that I think about it, getting a good pancake is practically a miracle. I mean the batter has to be right, the fire has to be just so-so, you have to use the right pan, and the right pancake turner and technique, you have to know when to flip the pancake, and you have to do it quickly and in one fell swoop. And don’t forget a little bit of oil in your pan to start out! I’m sure I’m forgetting something. Just writing all of that has worn me out.

What else do you need to make a really good pancake? You need the best ingredients. Real milk, fresh eggs, flour, real butter melted on top, and of course a high-quality genuine maple syrup. Otherwise you will just end up with a mediocre breakfast that won’t be worth the trouble. If you are going to do all that work to make a good pancake, start with the best you can get for a great finished product.

Remember the title of this column? Love is like a pancake? Here is how I see it…

Pancakes are a simple food that satisfies hunger in the body. When they are good, they are very good, healthy, and memorable. Love is like that. When it’s thrown together quickly like sub-par pancakes, everyone can tell. It’s not healthy, and it’s not memorable. Like nasty burnt pancakes, what you offer to people you love speaks volumes, whether it is love or pancakes or time or forgiveness or encouragement. Always try to give your best.

Love, like food for the body, is an essential need that the soul craves, and requires, to be strong and healthy. The healthier the love received, the healthier the soul. It’s like that. Healthy souls create other healthy souls. 

For love to be perfectly delicious and leave you wanting for more, it has to first start with the best of ingredients, just like pancakes, – wholesome intentions, a pure heart, the right amount of devotion, patience, and the right timing . The more love you give away, just like with pancakes, the better you get at knowing how to do it just right. The words come easier, the feelings are more sincere and pure, and the end result is beautiful. 

So I said all of that to say this: Love is like a pancake. If you are going to give either one of them to someone special, you want to give your best, not some slapped-together inferior version of what love, or a great pancake should be. Spend the time to offer something that is as perfect as you can get. Make it memorable, and put some work into it.

Now, go make some pancakes for someone you love. *And don’t forget the ones you love on Valentine’s Day!

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