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My Personal Side

By Craig Hastings
I may bore you this week with this but, here goes. Viet Nam, Iraq, Afghanistan, Ukraine?! The Biden Administration announced this week that 8500 American Troops will be readied for deployment to Ukraine should Russia invade their neighbor. I’m looking but I’m not seeing where any other member of the NATO Alliance has done the same. Of course they haven’t because it serves they no advantage. When pressed on the matter, President Biden was told us by whoever is really calling the shots, that these 8500 men and women were for logistics advice, technical equipment operation and oversight, many, many miles behind the front lines. In other words; out of harm’s way. BS. President Putin’s military is more than capable of reaching any target of his choice within the borders of Ukraine. If I’m Putin and America stations boots on the ground troops in specific locations in Ukraine to assist the Ukrainians in the war to resist my takeover, I’m targeting those locations first.

Why? Because if I’m Putin and I’m able to draw the United States into this war by killing even just a few American troops in a country foreign to the American population, I’ve already scored my first victory. Putin knows what the polls are saying, screaming, here in America about another war. He knows the vast majority of Americans do not want any more endless wars anywhere in the world that benefits them nearly zero in their ability to exercise their freedoms they enjoy now. Even more so, Americans do not want to see any more young men and women die needlessly (read Afghanistan) nor do they want to see even more young men and women with limbs blown off and skinned burned to disfigurement. It angers us to a point where we distrust our federal government who in turn finger point at their own, which in turn divides this country to a point of ridiculousness. Oh wait; that’s already happened! Sorry, my bad!

President Putin is in complete control of the time table here. He will be in a position to draw this war out for however long he choses. He knows well that Americans will never cross into Russia to engage, (read Viet Nam) nor will the Ukrainian army cross because it would spread them too thin to defend their own lands. Putin fears nothing from his own population about the human casualties his own army might suffer. The Russian people dare not say a word for fear of death themselves if they do. The more Americans that die, the more America becomes involved, meaning more and more troops end up being sent into harm’s way. “Oh no we won’t!” the administrations always sell to us little people, but they do and in this case, they will also. If you’ve paid any attention to your presidential administrations over the last twelve years or so, the one biggest, ugliest, most disappointing thing you learned was and is, they lie, they lie, then they lie to us some more. And they’ll try to fix their lying, make you forget, by throwing you a bone in the form of things called “stimulus” and “entitlements”. Money, phones, food, free medical, rent, whatever it takes to quiet the wolves (us).

It took a little more this last time. The blue half of our government pushed the envelope by running police out of the profession, discouraging anyone else from being interested, lowering or eliminating bail for any crimes not considered felonies, changing some felonies to misdemeanors, allowing criminals to steal merchandise up to $1000 without fear of being charged in some cities, and threatening to arrest police if they make a simple mistake in course of their duty. Oh wait! Made a mistake about the felony thing. Thousands of criminals were allowed to burn real estate, destroy government property, steal hundreds of thousands of dollars in cash and merchandise, lay claim to ownership of complete city blocks, burn hundreds of government vehicles, and injure countless innocent people in the process and never be charged! There were never even any investigations to identify these people! All of this over a year and half time frame.

Russian loved it. China loved it. The Taliban loved it. Iran loved it. They all continue to benefit from America’s course of self destruction. And now, America is experiencing the weakest, most inept, most corrupt presidential administration in history. COVID crisis? Is there one? Who knows. Dr. Fauci surely has no clue. The world is watching all of this! Russia, China, Iran, Afghanistan; all laughing each day they tune into our very own news broadcasts. Okay Mr. President, whoever that might be, send all the war use hardware and goods you want. Don’t care; tanks, missiles, guns, bullets, radios, radar, and explosives of all devices but, do not send troops. Not even troops to operate what hardware you send to Ukraine. If in all the years leading up to this inevitable event the Ukrainians haven’t learned how too…then too bad.

Here’s what I think the big map says. Putin, by plan, draws America into his little back and forth on the Ukrainian border. The ultimate plan is to get America deep into the conflict. This is the role he plays on the big map. Once Putin has America wrapped up in the Ukrainian war and the winter Olympics are over in China, President Xi Jinping sets in motion China’s own takeover of Taiwan. At the same time Iran plays their part by causing false but credible threats in Asia that need American attention at a minimum. As per usual, The United States military is expected to control all of this on the world stage while the rest of NATO finds a corner to cry in asking what they can do to help. They can’t. Too many miles to cover and not enough time or troops to make a difference. Meanwhile in Ukraine another endless war marches on. Over the rest of the final three years Biden is president, America waits for a hero. Maybe it’s not Biden in the final three years but Harris. Will it matter? No. Both are the aftermath of saltine crackers in milk after ten minutes. Hold on tight to your children and pray to God we all survive the next three years. I say this with a heavy heart because I really want this president to succeed as I would any other president. I believe we should rally behind whoever the majority choose to lead us.

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