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Real Life Wellness-Light at the End of the Tunnel

By Dr. Bill Hemmer
Flip over any rock and you will find COVID-19. No one will escape being touched by this new strain of Coronavirus. But I’m telling you right now, it’s all about to end, one way or another. What this new normal will look like is anybody’s guess. All I can do is work with the six inches between my ears and do the best I can.

This is what “the best I can” looks like to me. First, I acknowledge some variant of COVID-19 will be with us forever. It has become endemic, which means COVID-19 will join Influenza A and B and the common cold as a viral infection that causes waves of infections every year. 

Viral infections cause tens of thousands of deaths worldwide every year. Viral pneumonia killed my Mom eight years ago while she suffered from severe Alzheimer’s. The Hospice nurse told me, “this viral infection was actually a blessing” to send her to heaven. People with chronic disease succumb to viral infections that lead to pneumonia at a much higher level than people without chronic diseases.

So…the best thing I can do for myself is not get any chronic disease. This is what I explain to my patients every day. None of us can control anything outside ourselves. But you can control your Brain, your Bugs and your Stress. This is what I focus on to keep me from getting chronic disease and share with my patients.

The best way to control your Brain, Bugs and Stress is to keep your inflammation under control and keep your Immune system in balance. Your lifestyle is the only way to help yourself without costing time, money and effort. I know it sounds simple. Actually, it is. But you have to build your lifestyle over time and guard it like your life depends on it. Because it does!

Using the Triangle of Health as a lifestyle guide, makes building your healthy lifestyle like a puzzle. Once your puzzle is completed, you control your inflammation and therefore, can balance your Immune system. The Triangle of Health has Mental, Chemical and Physical sides to it. I have written about it many times and will continue to write about it so your understanding of the concepts deepens.

Your body is designed to heal on its own. Your God-given ability to heal is fueled by all three sides of the Triangle of Health. Chemically, your diet, metabolism, and ability to get rid of toxins are the most important aspects to focus on. Physically, Fitness, Posture and Environment and most important. Finally, the Mental side of your Triangle of Health is anchored by your Future Health Goals and your ability to build a team around you to help you accomplish those goals. 

I pray your new normal is a better version of you physically, mentally, and chemically. I will certainly continue my own trek through a new normal keeping all these things in mind, so I can teach my kids and grandkids that we all can look better, feel better and live longer by building a healthy lifestyle that can’t be shaken.

Why don’t you join me?

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