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Holding It All Together-From A Dog To A Gentleman

By Amy McCollom
I read a story once about a man who was walking his dog through a park. The man was walking along the same path that he always walked his canine companion, down a grassy path to the pond’s edge, but this time he noticed something near a tree and stepped over to see what it was.

Clearing leaves and debris away, the man found a weathered concrete block of stone with engraving worn but still readable. It read: BUDDIE 1928 – 1941 —- Born a dog. Died a gentleman.

The man who found the stone was so touched by the grave marker that he did some research into the matter, and the story goes that a beloved pet was laid to rest there in a park that used to be a Boy Scout Camp, where the dog and his master visited and enjoyed quite often. Such a sweet gesture and a monument of love between humankind and animalkind. 

No matter what some people think or say, if you open your heart to be loved by a pet and to let yourself in turn give love, you will not regret that bond. No amount of love shared is ever wasted. Some of my best and dearest friends have been animals. Animals may not be able to speak our language, but they DO speak to us if we open up ourselves to listen to them. I truly believe that if you cannot love an animal, there is something missing or broken within you. All you have to do is look into their eyes, and you see a soul, you see a life just like your own. 

With all that said, I need to tell you about a dog that was a dear friend of mine, and her name was Scout. She belonged to my brother and his family but a couple of weeks ago she left this world to be with Jesus. Yes, I do believe all dogs go to Heaven. God creates life, and breathes into each one, and life returns to Him. I have watched many video testimonies of near-death-experiences of people who saw their beloved pets in Heaven, before returning to their bodies here on Earth. I believe we will all see Scout again, that old red hound doggy, running through the grass, her tail waving high. She was a good dog, she really, really was. Losing a friend like that is really hard. She was with my brother’s family for almost a decade.

As my brother and his family recover from the loss, they have adopted 2 new puppies! I can’t wait to meet these new members of the family! There is nothing like the joy of little puppy kisses to make you smile. Puppies are always joyful!

Now the training begins! Like with anything, the end result is directly related to the work you put into it. If you want a puppy to turn into a good dog, you must train them and not let them do everything they want to do. Same thing with raising children. If you want to have good adult children, you must start training them when they are very small to grow up and be respectful, obedient, quiet, clean, calm, smart, and hard-working too. No one likes unruly, loud, jumpy, rude dogs or children, no matter how cute they are. Remember that.

If you ever wonder how a couple will be as new parents, take a look at how their dog behaves. Maybe that should be a prerequisite before a marriage license is given out; have a couple raise a puppy for 6 months to see how that turns out. But I digress.

No matter if you have a dog, cat, hamster, gecko, rat, cow, or whatever animals you choose; our pets are our friends and also family members. All are born mere animals, but they die loved, cherished, relied on, adopted, adored, friended, found, compassionate, examples, healers, heroes, gentlemen, and sometimes showing more humankind than people. Thank you Buddie. Goodnight Scout. Rest easy comrades. Until we meet again.

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