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By Craig Hastings
In 1941, 2403 Americans were killed at Pearl Harbor. In 2001, 2977 Americans died in the World Trade Center attacks. In 2012, four American heroes were killed at the American Embassy in Benghazi. In 2021, 13 Americans were killed during a botched withdrawal from Afghanistan. All four of these attacks occurred because of botched communications, ignored communications, and or signs that should probably have been recognized and acted upon by other Americans. Other Americans whose responsibility was to make sure these incidents didn’t occur. But after all of the initial finger pointing and blaming at the time, Americans did move on. What we do is remember and honor the wounded and the fallen with memorial services each year and mourn in our own way. All four events were each attacks on American democracy and the American way of life. People died! Many more were permanently physically and mentally injured! Serious, very serious and well planned attacks on Americans. Of course we take time each year to pay tribute and honor the Americans that died or were forever injured. It’s what we do. But have you seen or heard what occurred in Washington DC at the Capitol today?!

Forget that nearly one million Americans a day are contracting the newest COVID strain. Forget that more Americans quit their jobs in November than ever in our history. Forget that Americans are suffering from runaway inflation with no end in sight. Forget that more illegal aliens are crossing our southern border than ever in our history. Forget that violent crime is on the rise across the entire nation. Forget that more Americans than ever are dying from fentanyl overdoses because this killer drug is being smuggled into America through the southern border states. Forget that the Biden Administration has caused working American taxpayers to pay the way for those Americans that simply refuse to work because the Biden Administration has and still is handing out free money and goods to any who ask. The list goes on and on. But today and for many months building up to today, Joe Biden and sidekick circus act Kamala Harris took the stage at the Capitol Building to talk about January 6, 2021.

“Why, what happened on January 6 last year?” Most Americans don’t remember and care a little a year later. Of course all of us were focused on the live news coverage as thousands of disgruntled voters marched on the Capitol in an attempt to disrupt the counting of the electoral votes that formalize the election of a new president of the United States. These people stormed the Capitol causing lawmakers to evacuate and scatter for their safety. Federal property was destroyed, people were injured as well as one innocent female doing nothing but being loud was shot to death by a Capitol police officer. Capitol property was occupied for several hours before finally being cleared mostly by those same people becoming bored and heading home. In the aftermath, which is still processing a year later, Donald Trump is being routed and touted as the ringleader of the trespassing and criminal damage to property events of the day. Did President Trump say things that would encourage people to do what they did? My opinion is yes. During the takeover did President Trump not do enough to stop the crimes being committed against the process? My opinion is yes. Had President Trump just stayed quiet and at home on January 6, 2021 would nothing of consequence happened that day? My opinion is yes. Finally, had the Speaker of The House, Nancy Pelosi not ignored the intelligence and the signs of what was going to take place would these same trespassers be stopped before reaching the Capitol? My opinion is again yes. Yet again, failure at all levels of those who should have known better. Nearly 80 years later and have we learned nothing?

So with all that is wrong in America today, President Joe Biden and Vice President Kamala Harris took time to address the nation to tell us their thoughts and opinions concerning January 6, 2021. Krazy Kamala with as straight a face as she is able, compared what happened on January 6, 2021 to the events and deaths of Pearl Harbor! Oh but wait, she didn’t stop there! She also just as ignorantly drew some wild parallel of January 6 with the 911 Trade Center attacks! Kamala! Thousands of people died on those two dates! Fire, bullets, bombs, people burned to death, people blown to pieces, people trapped inside sinking ships and drowning to death! Where the hell is the comparison Kamala?! The January 6 event showed us mostly a bunch of white people dressed in red, white, and blue, clothing and war paint, hats with Viking horns, armed with flags, water bottles, and loud voices, converging on The Capitol. Did I mention there were no guns discovered or recovered except for the one pistol a police officer used to shoot a woman doing nothing! She was threatening no one, she had no weapon of her own other than her voice! But she was shot dead and it seems no one in the Federal Government cares one damn bit! No one has been held accountable for that felony crime!

So today Joe and Kamla unsuccessfully tried to convince Americans that there was truly a serious threat to American democracy last January 6, 2021 by a group of unarmed American citizens that should have known better! And because they lied to Americans today in their speeches, we all should agree there should be some criminal action taken against Donald Trump that would block him from ever running for public office again. I believe that if Donald Trump had already made it very clear that he has had enough of politics and would never run for office again, today’s bs speeches would not have been spoken. Had Donald Trump gotten severely and permanently ill, today’s speeches would not have been spoken. Had Donald Trump moved to another country and renounced his citizenship as an American, today’s speeches would not have been spoken. You see; the Democrats are running scared and this made up “insurrection” crap is their best hand they have to play in the game of the upcoming midterm elections and again in 2024 to block Donald Trump from running for President. Because if Trump does run, the Democrats will have each and every year “celebrated” Trump’s January 6, 2021 failures. And indeed they were failures as they apply to his political career. Again, I believe President Trump blundered the day and the 60 days that lead up to the 6th. Yes I voted for Donald Trump but I do not agree nor defend his part in the January 6 debacle. Debacle not insurrection. It was a bad day but not a day that in any way imaginable by a sane and truthful speaking person was one of an attempt to destroy our democracy. Hang on, the next three years may be the most exhilarating roller coaster rides you ever experience if you’re into these sorts of political amusements.

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