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Council approves construction for dog park fence

By Kendra Hennis
The meeting of the Tuscola City Council was called to order at 7:30 p.m. on January 10 with Mayor Kleiss wishing all a Happy New Year.

To begin, the council approved waiving the formal bidding for the dog park fence as well as approved a proposal with Main Street Construction for the dog park fence in the amount of $50,740. City Administrator Drew Hoel explained that material availability and pricing changed dramatically, causing the contractor to no longer be able to honor the unit prices as bid. He further explained that a private donation of $50,000 has already been made to the Tuscola Community Foundation, so most of the costs will be covered by that. Hoel also stated that waiving the formal bidding was necessary in order to accept the new proposal since it is a departure from the original bid pricing.

The council then approved permission for the Cast Iron Pub to have a food truck on the city lot at 128-130 W. Sale Street for a period of up to one year. Hoel said that Kenny Hogue at Cast Iron Pub indicated his intention to purchase a food truck to increase the menu offerings at his establishment. He noted that Hoel asked permission to use the City-owned lot to park and operatie the food truck. It was also noted that the city does not regulate food trucks specifically, so it is allowed as to zoning. Hoel explained that the City Council has granted permission to use the City-owned property in the past for food truck operation, such as the parking area in front of the Community Building. He also noted that Hogue said that depending on the success of the initial operation, he has also indicated a desire to rent or purchase the property for additional outdoor dining. 

The council also: 
* Approved the minutes of the previous December 27, 2021 meeting. 

* Approved the payment of bills in the amount of $164,802.89.

* Adjourned at 7:42 p.m. until the January 24 city council meeting.

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