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My Personal Side

By Craig Hastings
So the country couldn’t wait to leave 2020 in the rearview mirror and look forward to 2021? Why? Well Donald Trump of course. Newly elected Joe Biden was on his way to save the day, weeks, months, and I’ll stop here because an entire year hasn’t quite passed. Biden voters, tell me all day long you’re satisfied with his performance to date and I’ll stay well mannered enough not to call you a liar. Go right ahead and tell me you’re happy Joe is your president because you absolutely hated Donald Trump. Fair enough but, please don’t you dare tell me Joe has been better for the country than Donald Trump. Donald Trump may have some “personality” issues but the man calls the ball better than presidents decades behind him. Joe and his policies, not policies really, just some old guy’s wild ideas of what a good time in America would look like in his own mind, have hurt this country more than even Jimmy Carter was able to manage. But wait; in all fairness have any of these reckless attempts to move the country forward really come from the mind of Joe Biden? If not Joe then who in the White House is/are making these policy decisions then sending him unprepared out to the podium to read from the teleprompter? We’ve all witnessed Joe struggle even to read simple sentences from the teleprompter. When he does dare to stray from prepared statements, poor Jen Psaki, White House Press Secretary, is sent to the front line to lie to us about what Joe really meant when he said what he said. Most of us had never figured out what the heck he had said before Psaki scrambled to correct (lie) what he had mumbled earlier anyway. Can you even imagine the book of crazy this woman will be able to write when her time is done under this president!? I don’t read very many books but, should Jen Psaki get one on the shelf some day I’m a buyer.

I agree with Democrats that 2020 wasn’t good but not because Donald Trump lost the election. Big cities were set on fire, rioters and looters were responsible for billions of dollars in damaged property and stolen merchandise, far right Democrats were preaching white privilege was the root cause of a racially divided America, (but it wasn’t and isn’t) far right Democrats demanded blue city leaders dissolve or drastically reduce and control police departments, COVID-19 was spread throughout the world by the Chinese government to study how well biological warfare would work if carried undetected by traveling humans, and Nancy Pelosi was The Speaker of The House. All true, and all blamed on President Trump. Fast forward one year later to the end of 2021. All of the above still happening plus; inflation is out of control, goods and merchandise sitting for months on cargo ships on the oceans because of Biden free handouts to anyone not wanting a job, two more COVID viral strains threatening to shut down parts of the country again like it currently has in other countries around the world, poor distribution policies of COVID tests desperately needed in parts of the country being hit hard with the latest viral strain, Russia and China are ramping up their military takeover threats of Taiwan and Ukraine after witnessing Biden’s American military debacle in Afghanistan, Kamala Harris is still Vice President waiting in the shadows to take over as Joe continues to wither on the vine before our very eyes, and finally, the southern border invasion continues each day with each illegal immigrant adding debt, care responsibilities, crime rates, and sicknesses to the tax paying American citizens who can’t afford any more earnings being taken from their paychecks. Democrats for Biden, you and your besties that voted for this feeble old man have managed to dig America down into a deep hole that could take decades to climb out of. How about in 2024 you do not use the five or six ballots mailed to you and instead let the common sense voters that only get their one ballot, at their designated polling place, choose the next leader of the free world. It works out much better the fair way. Of course that is if all of America is still free. If the 2020 election was some extreme right wing experiment to see how America would operate under a one party system, you got your answer, fail!

I’m all in for a Democratic President as long as it is done in a fair and free election. The 2020 election for president was not conducted fairly in all polling locations in America. I won’t say something I can’t prove, that Donald Trump was cheated out of enough votes to cause him to lose the election. But, can’t we all agree that we vote on election day and all the votes are counted on election day, even the absentee ballots? No mass mailing of any ballots? No drive up, drop off, unsupervised, ballot boxes? No three, four, five, one week, one month, early voting? Why would either party argue about any of these things unless they were intentionally trying to gain an unfair advantage? It’s up to the 50 years and up generations to make sure America gets back to electing our highest and most powerful lawmakers just as the founding fathers instructed us to do. Why not change? Because for 244 years our system of government has been successful, that’s why! Well, maybe 233 if we don’t count the 2020 election cycle. Oops!

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